Friday, November 19, 2021 at 4:00 PM CET
Sunday, November 21, 2021 at 1:00 PM CET

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33 rue des ormes
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+1 (678) 926-9300
MLS Toulouse - NOVEMBER 12-14, 2021

"I can't thank you guys enough for continuing to educate chiropractors and students in order to better our profession for those human beings that end up on our tables" Molly D. - Florida

The Chiropractic training that ReVoLuTiOnIzEd the profession. MLS Chiropractic Training is the lifelong development of Arno Burnier, he and his staff have trained many of the masters that are leading the profession today. “Combining intuitive presence and perception with  technical precision leads to mastery in the Art of ChiropracTIC.”

MLS is a Hands On weekend of professional Chiropractic training. 

Taught in French. We will have bilingual staff to support with language.

This program led by Romain Cardinal, DC and the MLS Europe Staff.


Romain Cardinal, DC

Romain Cardinal, D.C. graduated from IFEC Paris in 2019. He opened his office in La Butte aux Cailles a charming area of Paris. Within 1 year he build a busy and highly successful practice. He practices pure, simple vitalistic chiropractic based on the philosophy, science and the natural laws of life. 

He is committed, dedicated, focused, passionate about being a true chiropractic professional. His adjusting skills are through the roof, especially been as early in his career as he is. He is a master in the making. He trained and staffed at multiple MLS adjusting seminars where is focus, passion, intensity, commitment and maturity was obvious to all.

He is all about being fully present, connected within and aware of Universal Intelligence omnipresence within and without.

He empowers and frees people to take their inner power back, by regaining the authority of their own being. His presence is gentle yet powerful. He is a fantastic teacher with power and clarity of words and purpose. We are all blessed to have him as a teacher-leader at MLS Adjusting Seminars.


Chiropractic specific warm-up exercises to prepare yourself for the rigors of              structural adjusting.
Training drills to emphasize speed, core power, and accuracy/ efficiency.
    Adjustment/ Subluxation specific drills that have been designed to train the body      for each specific listing and adjustment.
How to Develop Footwork like a “boxer/martial artist.”
Multidimensional, anatomical breakdown of the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar,              Sacrum, Pelvis.
How to “Read the Person” BEFORE hands-on palpation.
How to “Bring the Spine to Ease” prior to adjusting.
Advanced Visualization Technique to see the misalignment in your mind’s eye.
How to transform your hand into a POWERFUL LISTENING DEVICE.
    Everything you need to know about ARCS, VECTORS OF DRIVE.
How to Ground, Connect, and Center before delivering an adjustment.
How to Deliver Smooth Cervical Adjustments without creating meningeal cord          tension.
How to Read the Actual Arc of Drive of the Thoracic Spine.
The MLS 5 Part Vectoring System for L1-L5 to create a focus/ fulcrum for                  Specificity.
How to Become A Professional Chiropractic Adjuster at an Elite Level

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"Seriously the most transformative weekend ever! Can't wait to go to another one. Y'all are a blessing beyond words. Thank you for sharing your love and your light to the world." Rochelle G. - Dallas


"I noticed an immediate shift in my practice come Monday morning.There was a heightened connection between myself and the people I was serving that was undeniable." Chad M. - California

Our participants over the past 3+ decades have also reported a deepening of...

Trust Silence Connection Vulnerability Philosophy

Discipline Simplicity Peace/Ease Personal Breakthroughs

Biomechanical Clarity Listening Community/Family

Present Time Consciousness       Masculine/Feminine Balance