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Materials available beginning on November 1, 2021.

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Insurance 101

This is a republished version of Insurance 101. Teachers who completed this PD previously are ineligible to attend this PD again.

Have you always struggled to understand terms like deductibles, co-pays, premiums and why we need insurance in the first place?  Has making insurance decisions for yourself made you feel uncomfortable?  Do you feel like you need more help in this area yourself if you are going to confidently communicate it to your students?

Worry no more!

This interactive, self-paced professional development will feature industry professionals to help build knowledge and relevance with this difficult to grasp topic.  The PD will focus on sifting through insurance lingo starting with the basics and culminating with useful resources to teach these concepts in your classroom! Resources will include tools to teach both in-person and remotely.  You will leave prepared and confident to make decisions personally to teach these topics in the classroom.  

Attending teachers will receive a certificate for 5 hours of professional development. This course will be made available through Google Classroom. Please watch for details to be sent via email on how to join.

**Consider pairing this course with Investing 101 to rack up 10 hours of Professional Development!**

  • Certificates for 5 hours of high-quality professional development will be provided.
  • Consider pairing it with Investing 101 to earn 10 hours of professional development!
  • Activites are interactive and applicable to remote learning.
  • Access to web-based resources with thousands of lesson plans and interactive resources will be provided.
  • You will need a laptop or tablet to access the course.
  • There is no cost to attend but registration is EXTREMELY LIMITED! Register now using the link below.