August 8, 2021          

2:00 to 4:00 PM

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Cindy Hansen
Orca Network

Special for the Penn Cove Capture Commemoration, we are offering the optional purchase of a pair of bracelets -  Lolita/Tokitae wristband and Ecojoia orca bracelet.

$15 including shipping - Proceeds benefit Orca Network's education and advocacy programs.

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Join us for a discussion of the cultural lives of the
Southern Resident orcas and how, after all these years,
Lolita/Tokitae/Sk'aliChehl-tenaut is still family.

{Virtual Event Hosted on Zoom}

51 years ago over 100 Southern Resident orcas were herded into Penn Cove off Whidbey Island, Washington.  Seven of the young whales were netted and delivered to marine parks around the world.  All but one had died by 1987. Originally named Tokitae, they now call her Lolita and she has been held captive at the Miami Seaquarium since 1970. This event is in memory of the nearly 40 Southern Resident orcas captured in Washington State and the 13 orcas killed during the captures, and in honor of Tokitae, the sole survivor. 

"She is an extraordinary orca, so courageous, and yet so gentle. She shows unfathomable intelligence to survive these five decades, over 30 years longer than any other captive Southern Resident orca. She deserves our full consideration of her potential to return to her natural home, with the opportunity to see, hear, and touch her family, again.” - Howard Garrett, Orca Network.

Presentations by:  

 Rosie Cayou James  ~  Howard Garrett  ~  Ken Balcomb    Alexandra Morton  ~  Ralph Munro 

Plus ~ Music and Videos

Followed by a special event at 4:00 hosted by SacredSea.org
Netse Mot for Sk'aliCh'elh-tenaut


There is no charge for the virtual event but you must pre-register

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