All of these courses are scheduled to begin in mid-September.  CPIM Part 1 will end October, the others will end before Christmasl.  Definite dates will be announced when there are sufficient registrations for each course.  Registrants will be notified by email.


This is an online event. 




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ASCM New Haven Chapter 
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                 Fall 2021 Course                 Offerings

Are you a Supply Chain Professional looking to move your career forward?  Are you in a non-Supply Chain role and interested in learning more about Supply Chain.  Are you looking for a different career altogether?  An APICS Certification may be what you are looking for.

As the chart below shows, the 2020 ASCM Salary Survey reveals that people holding at least one APICS Certification earn, on average, 20% more than those who are not APICS certified, and 18% more than those holding an alternative certification. 

The ASCM New Haven Chapter will be offering PUBLIC On-Line CLTD, CPIM Part 1, and CSCP classes beginning in mid-September.  All classes includes not only the Learning System and Slide Book, but additional material and class work given by the highly experienced people leading the classes.

Read all about the Learning System here!

For more information on CLTD, please click here.

For more information on CPIM, please click here.

For more information on CSCP, please click here.


We believe that the only reason to take an instructor-led certification course is to become certified.  So, we have greatly simplified our pricing structure.  There is only one price for each course, and that is a "Bundle" price, consisting of the Printed Learning System books, the on-line Learning System, the initial exam, a second chance exam, a book of the course slides, the instructor's time and additions to the course, and a one-year PLUS membership to ASCM and the New Haven Chapter.  If you are already an ASCM member, please contact John Sawyer (jsawyer.newh@gmail.com) for further direction.



 Notes on Class Schedules

1.  All classes meet three hours/week.

 2.  The three hour classes normally meet once a week, with one or two 10 minute breaks.

 3.  The schedule noted in item 2, however, does not work for a virtual class, as what you sit on goes numb after about an hour (no, not the chair).

4.  As these classes are all virtual, the following dates/times recognize the strengths and limitations of online classes:  



The New Haven Chapter will offer two enrollments for FREE in the CPIM Part 1 course after we have six paid registrations.  To take advantage of this, you must still be a PLUS member of ASCM ($60 for unemployed people).  Please check the Employment Status section of the registration form.

Our Guarantee

We want you to become certified!!  If you take one of our courses and then don't pass the exam, you can repeat the course with us for free when it is next offered.  

Note:  it may be necessary for course repeaters to purchase a new copy of the Learning System if there are substantive changes from the version they already have.


Other Notes

Before you register for any of these courses, you will need to confirm that you have read and understood the Course Registration Procedure and the Course Withdrawal Policy, which can be accessed by clicking the highlighted areas above.