FRIDAY September 24th

9:00am- 12:00pm

1:30pm- 4:30pm



Daoist Traditions College 
382 Montford Ave, Asheville NC, 28801 

8 Immortals Qi Gong

Jeffrey Yuen


6 PDA's

Friday September 24th

(NCCAOM approved*)

Join Jeffrey Yuen in this one-day course as he teaches the magical beauty of the Eight Immortals and their Qi Gong Exercises. Our vital energy is deepened through mastery of Qi Gong, and its four focus areas of  posture, breath, movement, and intention/mindfulness. The roots of Qi Gong therapies are found in Chinese Medicine, Chinese Philosophy, and Chinese Martial Arts.  Most Qi Gong systems focus on health promotion, but the Eight Immortals Qi Gong System is intended for those recovering from illness. Unlike other Qi Gong systems,  the Eight Immortals can be practiced and mastered by those who may have limited abilities due to their compromised health.  

Daoism extols the virtues of the Eight Immortals or ‘Xian’: those who have transcended to become spiritual beings through cultivation and internal alchemy.  These 8 Qi Gong exercises allow the individual to improve their health by focusing on those exercises that closely relate to their individual health needs.  Eight Immortals Qi Gong will allow all attendees to focus on their own health, while at the same time sharing information that can be used in a clinical setting with patients.  

Learn these methods for assisting your patients to boost their immune systems, re-energize and re-attune through sharing the exercises developed by each of the Eight Immortals. 

Fee: $150


** As in-person attendance is strictly limited, preference is given first to our current students.  All other requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Email ceu@daoisttraditoins.edu BEFORE REGISTERING to request in-person attendance If we are able to grant your request, you will receive a special code that will allow you to register.

Payment methods: Paypal. Check: mailed to 382 Montford Ave, Asheville, NC 28801. Make checks payable to Daoist Traditions. Your seat is not reserved until payment is received in full and must be received prior to class attendance. 

Email confirmation will be sent once registration is complete and payment has been received.

We offer a 50% refund for cancellations completed 30 days or more before class. Cancellations made from 29 to 15 days in advance will be offered a 25% refund. We are unable to offer refunds for cancellations made less than 15 days in advance.