Saturday, September 25
9am-12pm, 1:30pm-4:30pm

Sunday, September 26
9am-12pm, 1:30pm-4:30pm:



Daoist Traditions College 
382 Montford Ave, Asheville NC, 28801 

Curious Organs:

A Neuro-Cardio Perspective

Jeffrey Yuen


12 PDA's

Saturday September 25
Sunday September 26

(NCCAOM approved*)

This two-day course will include discussion on how the Curious Organs, (Gall Bladder, Blood Vessels, Bones, Marrow, Brain, Genitalia) impact both our Neurological and Cardiovascular systems.  Many of the Long Covid symptoms that are being seen can be linked to these 6 Curious Organs.  It is clear that both Neurological and Cardiovascular symptoms such as palpitations, brain fog, and neuropathies are common with Long Covid.

    Jeffrey Yuen will review the mysterious grouping of the Curious Organs that are responsible for evolutionary changes in the human form and spirit.  Chinese Medicine teaches that as humans we can elevate to higher consciousness.  From the genitalia, our energies can ascend via the spine (bones) toward heaven, represented by the Brain.  The Gall Bladder is the bridge between the Primary and Curious and this connection allows practitioners to address the energetics of the Gall Bladder  to each of the Curious Organs, thus creating a pathway to enhanced health and wellbeing. 

We have seen that Covid has had an impact on both Blood Circulation via the Curious Vessels and the Neurologial components associated with the Brain.  This seminar will focus on how to tap into these Curious Organs allowing Chinese Medicine to generate a positive healing impact on Long Covid and other Neuro/Cardio symptomologies that may be affected by Epidemics.

Fee: $300

* NCCAOM provider #1278.


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