Thursday, September 2, 2021 from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM PDT
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Deb Alcadinho, CEO & Founder 
Westshore Women's Business Network 

Build Your Brand Story

It’s no spoiler. We connect to story. We connect to one another through our shared stories. We gather around the proverbial watercooler to discuss the most titillating episodes of our favourite shows not just because we are intrigued by the plot twists and the drama, but because we see ourselves reflected in the conflicts, the heartaches, the yearnings, and the victories that these characters encounter. Their stories are our stories.

What is the story of your business? What hardships or hilarity or heartbreak did you overcome to get where you are? How can you leverage your story to connect to your clientele? How can you create a lasting impression so that they want to pass on your story to a new audience?

This is the power of Brand Storytelling.

In this talk, Andrea will urge you to:

  • Identify your brand’s origin story
  • Understand and utilize the mystique of Brand Archetypes
  • Infuse your story throughout your web content, social media, customer service interactions, and other branding and marketing communications

ABOUT: Andrea Ting-Luz endeavours to live her life in such a way that the light inside of her ignites the light inside of others. As a seasoned copywriter, brand builder, storyteller, and owner of Brand Your Bliss, she collaborates with her clients to create “Custom Crafted Content” for their brand components such as website, social media, newsletters, and blogs. For clients with an abundance of creative energy but a limited budget, she teaches them to “Craft Your Own Content” – an empowering 6-session course that starts with why and ends with a complete brand. www.brandyourbliss.ca