PCIT Family Tracker Spreadsheets

The PCIT Family Tracker spreadsheets provide a fantastic way to track progress in PCIT. You can track on one sheet all of the following key process and outcome variables:

 ECBI scores
Homework completion - both CDI and PDI
PRIDE skills
Don't behaviors
Effective commands
Effective Follow-Up of Commands

Each graph is shown with the desired level of the target behaviors so parents and other caregivers can monitor their progress week-to-week with you. This is also a great supervision tool, both live and remote, so that you and the trainee can simultaneously look at the data of the case in real time.

Each spreadsheet come with an unlimited number of uses for the peson who purchased it. Use of the spreadsheet is non-transferable and limited to the person who purchased it. Agency and group prices are available as well.


Each purchase comes with a foolproof instructional video. Hundreds have been happily using these spreadsheets since 1996.