Tuesday, September 28, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EDT


Phil Williams, DANC Science & Technology Chair 
Defense Alliance of North Carolina 


The Frontier RTP Campus - Building 800 
800 Park Offices Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

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Defense Alliance of NC - Science & Technology Forum - Developing Operational Artificial Intelligence 

Please enter the building through the front entrance which can be identified by the large flagpole out front.  If your GPS pulls Durham instead of RTP, that is completely normal, and it will bring you to the same location. We do have an ample complimentary parking, which is on the first floor.

We are following City of Durham COVID-19 Guidelines. As of today, face masks (covering nose and mouth) are required, even among those who are fully vaccinated, in all public and common areas of the buildings on campus. This mandate will remain in effect until Durham County states otherwise.

Sanitizer stations and disinfectant wipes are located throughout the facility. They continue to promote caterers with top sanitation scores and post signage reminding of protective measures against the virus. Their janitorial staff will continue using hospital grade products as they have been throughout the pandemic, and we will sanitize audio visual equipment after each use.

How can we use more data science, less fiction to realize the promise of advanced analytics? 

Keys for me are moving beyond the junk science, snake oil and hype in support of effective, meaningful and responsible use of advanced analytics (including AI, ML, DL, etc) to achieve decision/competitive advantage. In my experience, the tech and math are necessary but not sufficient to achieving this goal.  More insights provided by Dr. Colleen McCue. 


Dr. Colleen “Kelly” McCue is a Principal Data Scientist with CACI International, where she brings more than twenty years of experience in data science and operational security analytics to the special missions community. Dr. McCue earned her doctorate in psychology from Dartmouth College, and completed a five-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Organizations increasingly recognize data science as a “must have” capability and are scrambling to recruit and hire data science talent in order to realize the promised competitive advantage.  At the same time data literacy programs are proliferating given growing empirical research demonstrating the importance of upskilling across the organization in order to optimize data science talent and efforts.  The challenge many organizations now face, however, is how to organize and effectively manage this disparate yet complementary talent in order to realize the promise of data science?  Experienced practitioners understand that meaningful, scalable and sustainable data science capacity requires more than coding skills and math.  Operationalizing her experience leading transdisciplinary teams in support of novel insight and innovative solutions to complex challenges, Dr. McCue will discuss ways to bring more science, less fiction to the effective and responsible use of advanced analytics in the operational environment. 

What is AI/ML anyways? Practical applications of Machine Learning with OSINT

Mr. Michael Prorock is the CTO and Founder of mesur.io. Prior to mesur.io. Michael was Director of Emerging Technologies for the Bardess Group (an analytics consulting firm) and aided key customers such as the UN (WHO, FAO, STI), Cisco, and JP Morgan Chase in defining and implementing strategies around large scale machine learning, analytics, blockchain, and IoT. Previously, Michael built the Compellon machine learning platform, and was awarded several patents related to search, heuristics, and the IoT. With mesur.io
 Michael has developed an automated machine learning platform that has discovered multiple environmental and disease models that are in broad use by several leading crop protection companies as well as numerous Land Grant Universities and USDA Extension agents in their daily work, as well as serving US DHS. Additionally, Michael is an Adjunct Faculty member at the William J Perry School at National Defense University on topics related to Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and the IoT. Michael is also a Co-Chair of the W3C Credentials Community Group and is a W3C Advisory Committee member. With the onset of COVID19, Michael has assisted multiple State, Federal, and international groups in analysis, simulation, and forecasting for the onset and progression of the pandemic.

Top 10 people to watch in the in AI Industry includes Mr. Rob Albritton

Mr. Rob Albritton is the Senior Director, Artificial Intelligence Practice Lead at Octo. Previous to this, Albritton has worked with the United States Air Force, the United States Army, NVIDIA and many more. His new role at Octo is to introduce visions for AI innovations by delivering creative and market-leading applications and solutions as well as hiring high-performance teams.

Army Research and Army SBIRs, and offer any relevant comments -  advanced analytics related to Army Futures published wish lists.

Dr. Stephen J. Lee, PhD, is the Senior Scientist (ST), at the U.S. Army Research Office (ARO), US Army Research Laboratory, DEVCOM-AFC

Dr. Lee's responsibilities as chief scientist are to build international science and technology alliances; lead efforts to model materials by design; and implement research that takes into account Soldiers' protection and lethality needs in future conflicts. He has authored 33 scientific technical publications and two scientific books; and co-edited one other book. "I did quite a few things over a few years, but what I take pride in is transitioning basic research into something revolutionary that can save Soldiers' lives on the battlefield," Lee said. 

Lee's personal research as adjunct professor of chemistry at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill focuses on combinatorial chemistry, catalysis, and DNA supramolecular assemblies which seek to protect Soldiers and civilians through new medical treatments of disease. He has expertise in several areas such as analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry.  

DANC Science & Technology Leaders;

Phil Williams, DANC Science & Technology Committee Chair, Phil Williams LLC, https://www.linktophil.com/ 

Brandon Conover, DANC Science & Technology Committee Co-Chair, Practical Scientific Solutions, https://www.practicalscientific.com/about-2

The Defense Alliance of North Carolina (DANC) is mission focused on growing North Carolina's defense economy in a way that creates new long-term investment opportunities. 

Our vision is to improve the economy of North Carolina by leading high-impact strategic growth initiatives, provide information and networking opportunities to NC entities with defense sector interests, and positioning key organizations and senior leaders to assist in the expansion of defense-related business opportunities throughout the state.


DANC Operational Staff:

Tammy Everett, DANC Executive Director (Interim) 910-690-4450, teverett@defensealliancenc.org