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Thursday, September 9, 2021 from 7:10 AM to 8:10 AM EDT
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Matrure Woman 
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Dominate Mature Women From Start To Finish

I read a lot about other gurus takes on one night stands with a smile on my face (which reminds me, I really need to update Loveawake’s Simplicity). Not to say that what they write doesn’t work, however, they are still overcomplicating matters. Let me tell you why I’ve been doing what I’m about to write. I do it because I’ve already slept with a high number of mature women, therefore, I really don’t give a shit or care to do a lot of work in order to get laid.

I keep my style incredibly simple. I do the absolute minimum in order to get laid if I’m looking for a one night stand. The crazy thing about it, is that it works the vast majority of the time. What is it? I COMPLETELY dominate the interaction. I’m the type of guy that just barks out orders and expects you to follow through. I tend to get what I want when I tell people to do things and I don’t ask them to, which is MUCH more convenient than trying to memorize a complicated technique to get what I want. Most men don't get what they want because they give mature women the opportunity to not give it to them. Most men don't get what they want because they give mature women the opportunity to not give it to them. Most men don't get what they want because they give mature women the opportunity to not give it to them.

During my interactions, I just talk to girls, and I don’t talk about anything spectacular. I just know that I can get what I want by ordering mature women around in true alpha fashion. But what exactly do I mean? If I want to see a girl’s hand, I tell her to give me her hand. If I want to isolate a girl, I tell her to follow me. I might ask her what she is doing later, and then tell her that we should go hang out at my place. If we’re doing shots, then “we’re doing shots.”, and I’m pulling her or ordering her to the bar with me.

I do not give mature women the opportunity to tell me “no”. When I want something done, I tell mature women to do it. If it’s getting late at the bar, I simply tell her and whoever else is coming with that we’re leaving. No time for deliberation. When I say it’s time to go, it’s time to go. I might even extend my hand and then pull my girl along wherever I intend on taking her. When we’re at my place, I’ll simply grab her hand and pull her into my bedroom, or tell her to follow me there.

As long as she isn’t resisting me, I’m going to take full responsibility for everything and not give her the chance to doubt what’s going on or to tell me “no”. Mature women don’t want to take responsibility for what goes on, so if you don’t give them the opportunity to take responsibility, that’s more of a chance that you’re going to get what you want. Men who get laid a lot are men who take almost all of the pressure off of mature women to be responsible. She had sex with you because “he just kept pulling me along and I didn’t know what to do”, or so she tells her friends. You have to be her alibi from start to finish, thus placing all blame for what happens on you.

Overall, I am a pretty cut and dry type of guy when it comes to one night stands and I’m not in funny asshole mode (i.e. I'm set on an outcome). I don’t like to trick mature women into having sex with me. However, I will caveman the fuck out of the entire interaction. Metaphorically, I’m not the guy that gives a girl roses hoping that she gives me what I want. I’m the type of guy that will just drag her by her hair until she tells me to drop her, which rarely happens. When you caveman things, and don’t show any sign of nervousness or weakness, mature women tend to follow through with whatever you demand of them.

I can’t quite understand why men haven’t figured this out yet. Some of you have seen me take mature women home or move them around the bar with ease. I just bark out orders and expect mature women to follow them without hesitation. You can either spend a lot of time fumbling and mumbling scripted stories, long drawn-out routines, and complicated NLP patterns all night, or you can just talk to her like a normal person, and caveman her all the way to your bedroom. Once again, I want to reiterate that you need to be her alibi from start to finish and remove all responsibility from her.

And before anyone reads into this wrongly, I mean simply telling mature women what to do instead of asking them to. I mean taking her hand and leading her, and not forcing yourself on her. “No” always means “no”.