Wednesday, October 20th from 1:00-4:30pm CDT and Thursday, October 21st from 1:00-4:30pm CDT

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Eva Swan, Administrator, 
CFA Society Winnipeg 

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Pricing for this course is $385 for CFA Institute members, and $575 for non-members.

University Students please email info@cfawinnipeg.ca for student price.

Limited spots, Registration Deadline in October 5th, 2021 at 11:59pm 

For full details of the VBA for Finance Professionals course, click on link to view:                               Marquee Group Course Outline


The Marquee Group is the leading Canadian provider of financial modeling training programs at financial institutions, corporations, universities and professional societies. Since 2002, The Marquee Group has provided financial professionals with the tools they need to understand and master critical areas of financial modeling, valuation and analysis. The firm’s partners are Ian Schnoor, CFA, Tim Benson, CFA, Dave Thomas, CFA, and Jon Zelman. They have led courses in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Mexico. They each have significant experience working in capital markets and a passion for teaching.

VBA for Finance Professionals – VIRTUAL CLASS 

In support of our members as we prepare for a return to some normalcy, CFA Society Winnipeg has negotiated an exclusive member-only rate for The Marquee Group’s virtual classes. For a limited time only, members can register for Marquee Group virtual class through CFA Society Winnipeg at a discounted rate. Non-members are also invited to attend but will not access member rates.

 Title: VBA for Finance Professionals – VIRTUAL CLASS

 When: Two-part class - October 20th and 21st, 2021 from 1:00 to 4:30pm CDT

 Hosted by: The Marquee Group

This virtual hands-on course focuses on the skills needed to harness the power of macros to help automate worksheet processes. Participants will learn to design, build and error check macros that are robust and easy to use. Participants will be introduced to best practices using VBA (Visual Basic – the programming language for macros) and the construction of powerful, error-free macros.

Those who want to improve their ability to automate routine processes to save time and effort should strongly consider attending this course. This program would be especially useful for those involved in reporting where summarizing data in a consistent manner is important.

Prerequisite/Special Instructions: 

  • Participants will be sent the zoom login details 2 business days in advance of the course and must use their computer to participate.
  • Microsoft Excel and Zoom are required for this session.
  • Participants should have basic computer programming experience and a strong working knowledge of Excel as this is an intermediate-to-advanced level course.


Using Macros in a Model

  • Explore macros and Excel's development tools
  • Identify activities and processes that are suitable for macros
  • Learn to use the VBA Editor (ie. the Code, Project, Properties and Immediate Windows)
  •  Develop subroutines and the ability to organize and execute actions within Excel with well-designed VBA code
  • Learn best practices for recording macros and critical edits to ensure that macros operate for subsequent users
  • Build an understanding of the key elements of Excel worksheet objects used in macros such as workbooks, worksheets and ranges 

Writing Code for Macros

  • Design sample macros and reinforce best practices for programming robust and error-free VBA code
  • Build and audit looping techniques to perform repetitive actions and automated decision choices
  • Customize Excel using VBA in order to create highly tailored solutions such as custom functions and to control the user experience with features such as user input boxes and macro buttons
  • Test, audit and correct macros using the debugging tools within the VBA editor

Macro Creation

  • Build and test sample macros that automate common capital markets activities and give the user a chance to explore various capabilities
  • Create a number of functional macros including a data scrubber, dynamic range creator, table formatting, and automated data updates