Saturday, November 6th, 10:00-4:45 pm
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8126 Hamilton Drive, Overland Park, KS. 66204

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Thank you, this event is SOLD OUT
KCmodern and the Campbell Dome House present a unique opportunity to take a tour of one of the most unusual homes in Kansas City.
8126 Hamilton Drive, Overland Park, Kansas
Saturday, Novenber 6th
Interior tours will be staggered at 45 minute intervals with 10 people per group.
You must tour the interior at your scheduled time.
Masks will be required indoors.
You may tour the exterior and hang with the KCmodern crew outside before and after your tour time.
A slide presentation about Campbell Domes and the history of Modern Domes will be playing inside during the tour.

The Campbell Dome House, designed by Engineer, Bob D. Campbell is a Mid-Century Modern House in a Dome. The house was constructed using a Schwedler Dome, a design where structural members are gathered in triangles as they rise, creating a snowflake-like pattern. This snowflake pattern was a signature element of Campbell designed domes and the house was a prototype for many future dome structures designed by Bob D. Campbell along with Architect, John A. Shaver of Salina. Together they built many domed schools across Kansas and the US. The house is still owned by the original family and is occupied by Bob D. Campbell’s granddaughter and her family.