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The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples Therapy 
Atlanta, GA

Registration: You register by pre-paying $85 for the first meeting.

Cancellation policy: Your pre-payment of the first meeting is non-refundable. 

For whom: This training is for psychologists, social workers, counselors, and marriage and family therapists. The instructional level is intermediate. 

Continuing Education: This group counts as up to 12 hours of CE credit, 2 hours per meeting attended. These are Related Hours for masters level clinicians, and Category IV hours for psychologists.

Love Cycles, Fear Cycles, the Woodsfellow's book, is available on Amazon.

Approval: The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples Therapy is approved by the American Psychological Association as a provider of continuing education for psychologists. The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples Therapy retains responsibility for this program and its content.

Disclaimer: There is no commercial support for this CE program, this presentation, or this instructor

a six-session online

Couples Consultation Group

 with David & Deborah Woodsfellow

starts Fri Jan 14, 2022
12:30 - 2:30 pm

meets every other Friday


6 Friday meetings
12:30 to 2:30 pm

Jan 14 & 28, Feb 11 & 25, Mar 11 & 25

Online via PSYBooks and SecureVideo

Limited to 8 therapists

up to 12 hours CE
$85 per meeting
one free miss

If you would like to increase your skills in couples therapy, please join us.

We will study couples therapy by discussing cases and questions from your practices. You are welcome to present cases if you would like. You are also welcome to ask questions about any topics in couples therapy. 

For example, people have asked how to

  • use questionnaires
  • start with a new couple
  • start sessions on a good note
  • handle difficult clients
  • choose the most important topic(s) to discuss
  • deal with affairs
  • deal with verbal abuse
  • deal with narcissism
  • end sessions on a good note

We've got a lot we can teach you about each of these questions, and many more.

When you do present a case, you can do it in any way you'd like. Some people make detailed case presentations; others briefly describe their couple and the problem. 

With each case we do our best to answer the therapist's questions. We discuss how to proceed at that juncture in therapy. We also consider which theories and interventions apply to similar couples. Sometimes there are clear-cut answers; sometimes not. We understand that couples therapy can be very difficult.

You will learn new skills to use, and new interventions to consider. You’ll learn some new ways of thinking about couples. You will also learn the art of deciding what-to-do-when. You’ll learn how to consider many different ideas, theories, and interventions – and which ones to use with whom. We draw on the work of Hendrix, Gray, Gottman, Johnson, and Real.

The online platforms we use are SecureVideo and PSYBooks. These are encrypted, confidential, and HIPAA compatible. Our discussions will be secure and confidential.

David Woodsfellow, PhD is a licensed psychologist whose entire practice is couples therapy. He has been seeing couples - only couples - for 25 years. Educated at Harvard, Antioch, UC Santa Barbara, and Georgia State University, David did his clinical internship at UCLA Medical School. He holds Master Certification in Relational Life Therapy.  He is a certified Imago Relationship Therapist, certified Mars Venus Counselor, and has taken advanced training in Gottman Method Marital Therapy and Emotionally-Focused Therapy.

Deborah Woodsfellow, MPH is a relationship coach and former Physician Assistant. Educated at Emory University Schools of Medicine and Public Health, she also trained directly with Harville Hendrix, John Gray, John and Julie Gottman, Sue Johnson, and Terry Real. The Woodsfellow Training Program in Couples Therapy is currently in its twentieth year.