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Mary Steele, ASA SouthEast Regional Executive Director
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 Eric Ziegler presents Essential Diagnostic Steps for Drivability and Electrical Issues

This is a critical thinking or logical approach class to address many of the issues that face techs every day; working on systems that are new to them or that they have little or no experience diagnosing. The course is a mix of critical thinking, theory, diagnostic testing methods, tooling and real world case studies. Four areas will be addressed: mechanical testing, fuel trim diagnostics, ignition testing and network communication issues. Graphing scan data, archiving data and other useful diagnostic software will be discussed. Lots of real world, not so forward case studies will be used to illustrate these processes and techniques.  See how you can diagnose each type of problem with basic tools and high tech tools.  Learn how to figure out what to do next in your diagnostic process.  See what your results should be and where to go next.  See a quick review of the “Flatrater” test drive and how to gather information. 


In this hands on workshop, technicians will learn diagnostic and r epair techniques for working with high voltage vehicles . The course covers the components  that make these vehicles unique and delves deep into their operation, their specialized components and elective diagnostic procedures . It also extensively covers the most critical subject of the lessons : safety. This class explains the vehicle' s workings , preparing the vehicle for safe diagnostic interaction, proper personal protective equipment for the technician, and recommended tools .Topics include: electricity fundamentals and testing procedures , wiring schematics , hybrid/ EV configurations and components , safety, regenerative braking, EV cooling systems , scan tool diagnostics and much more!




Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? MGMT102

 Conflict in the shop between the Service Advisor and the Technician is all too familiar – particularly under increased business pressures. As shop owners, we expect higher billed hours per ticket as well as higher efficiency and productivity in the bays. Whether we are ON or OFF, it all reflects directly on the bottom line. The reality is that work is accomplished through collaborative efforts of many and differences are actually a positive force if you know how to harness them. Your ability to develop good interpersonal skills can create rapport in your shop environment can make – or break – the success of the shop. Are you ready to become a “Conscious Communicator”? In this class you will develop self-awareness, learn to analyze situations, and consciously select and use productive communication strategies. You will also find YOUR relationship style, identify your own strengths and weaknesses, and master the winning tactics to work harmoniously with your counterpart in the shop or on the front counter to achieve your goals. Audience: Shop Owner, Manager, Advisor, Technician

PM COURSE Making Change StickMGMT101 Half-Day Workshop AMI CertifiedDescription: You just finished another GREAT seminar weekend with lots of ideas on how to improveyour business. Back to the shop you go... ready to implement all that you have learned. Next thingyou know, you are back to firefighting and babysitting. What went wrong? This class is intended toprovide the owner and/or manager with practical tools that they can fall back on to not onlyintroduce new practices and processed into their shop, but to make sure that they are implementedsuccessfully and for the long term.This class will help you to:• Understand and Anticipate the roadblocks to change• Create a realistic plan that works• Move your employees from Change Criticizers to Change Champions and• Implement change that sticks!Audience: Shop Owner, Manager

 Mike Cleary’s ATSS Training Presents:  FORD 6.7L POWERSTROKE: 

Mike Cleary is an internationally recognized trainer who, for over 20 years has presented high tech driveability and electronics training for technicians worldwide through his company, AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES. As an eight-time award winning Ford Motor Company Certified Senior Master Technician and Powerstroke Diesel Engine Specialist, Mike was a founding board member of Ford Motor Company’s Professional Technician Society, an organization dedicated to serving the needs of Ford dealership technicians in the United States and Canada. He has served on two separate Ford National Technician Advisory Boards, and received national recognition from Ford Motor Company for his contributions to Ford as a field technician involved in improving the 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel Engine Program. CLEARY AUTOMOTIVE was established by Mike in 2006, after he served as shop foreman and chief driveability and electronics technician at a California Ford dealership for over 12 years. Mike knows the importance of maintaining customer satisfaction and repairing vehicles correctly the first time. He has developed his own unique diagnostic strategies for quickly and efficiently diagnosing the most difficult problems on a wide variety of vehicle systems: diesel engine performance, gasoline engine performance, and body and chassis electronics. As a hands-on technician, instructor and consultant, Mike knows first-hand the challenges faced by today’s auto technicians. You may have had the opportunity to read his articles in an automotive publication or attended a presentation at a national conference, however, once you attend one of Mike Cleary’s extraordinary high-tech seminars you’ll be amazed at the diagnostic strategies you will be able to apply immediately. Visit www.atsstraining.com to learn more about Mike’s seminars and testimonials.topics to be covered will be diagnostic and repair tips and updates, and other extremely useful information---all applicable to the Ford 6.7L Powerstroke SCR System.

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