Thursdays 10 am – 12 noon

January 20, 27

February 3, 10, 17, 24



Racial Justice Department
YWCA Southeast Wisconsin

Conversations on Race 

virtual, six-part series designed to help you discuss race and racism in everyday conversations

This six-part, 12-hour course, is designed to help you grow your ability to discuss race and racism in everyday conversations.  Each two-hour session will allow time for content review (video clips, reflection questions) along with listening pairs, breakout rooms and full group discussions.

This course is designed to strengthen your understanding of the power of language to shape and control racism, and to deepen your understanding of and normalize conversations about race and racism. See how racism continues to impact our individual lives along with those of our neighbors, families, friends and colleagues, then reflect, journal and converse in small and large groups about the content.

Eliminating racism is an ongoing process that involves a willingness to learn about, and begin undoing, the adverse impact of racism on individuals, organizations, and communities. We will end racism when more people, particularly white people, understand the importance of speaking up to address race issues as they occur.

The objectives for the conversations course are to:

  • Gain knowledge of race, racism, racial inequities
  • Build connections with each other to combat racism
  • Grow your personal commitment to address racism
  • Practice having conversations about race and racism so you can feel confident doing this in everyday life


  • Socialization
  • History/Roots of Racism
  • Manifestations of Racism
  • On Whiteness
  • Racial Implicit Bias
  • Imagining a New Community


This Registration form is for online payment only (individuals and groups up to 11). If you are requesting an invoice for group registration please STOP and email racialjustice@ywcasew.org for further instructions.

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