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"Serving Locally & Serving Episcopal Deacons"
with Theresa Lewallen


Monday, January 10, 2022 from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST
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This is an online event via Zoom. 
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Julie Lytle 
Pathways for Baptismal Living at Bexley Seabury Seminary and the Association for Episcopal Deacons 


Theresa Lewallen shares wisdom and experience serving locally and beyond in community engagement, school partnership development, and collaborative leadership. She serves as a deacon in the Diocese of Virginia and will tell us about her ministry at St. Alban’s, Annandale, Virginia and her work with the Fund for the Diaconate.

The Fund for the Diaconate of The Episcopal Church performs a vital service by assisting deacons - working, retired or disabled - who have insufficient funds for their needs. Theresa brings her experience as grant administrator and as a spiritual director to work the Fund for the Diaconate Board and with applicants and grantees. 

Join us to learn ways you can integrate these skills for your ministry and tap the Fund when you need it.


Ordained as a vocational deacon in 2016, Theresa has served at St. Alban’s since January 2015 and has been the Grants Administrator for the Fund for the Diaconate since 2019.  At St Alban's, she works with members of the Outreach Committee to support St. Alban’s partnership with Belvedere Elementary School which includes providing weekend food to students identified by the school as needing assistance. She also supports other ministries, including Sleepy Hollow Nursing Home, Samaritan Ministry, and the Caregivers’ Group. 

A Northern Virginian since 1983, Deacon Theresa was received into the Episcopal Church in 1987 and was an active lay leader at Grace Church, Alexandria. She is the chair of the Committee on the Diaconate in the diocese and also serves as a board member of the Fund for the Advancement of Health Education and on the National Committee on School Health and Safety. Previously, she was employed by the National Collaborative for Health Equity where she directed the day-to-day operations of a leadership program funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Her adult son and daughter-in-law live in Tampa, FL with her 7 month-old granddaughter.


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Deacons Talking on the Road to Emmaus is a web-based way for deacons to walk with each other and share their stories in hope of inspiring, supporting and renewing diaconal ministries. It is inspired by the story of Cleopas and another disciple who, after recounting all that they had experienced while walking on the road to Emmaus with a stranger, recognized Jesus in their midst (Luke 24:13-32). Jesus' presence led them to release their fear and grief, to return to Jerusalem to share their experience of the resurrected Christ with the gathered community, and to renew their ministry with confidence.

Now sponsored by Pathways for Baptismal Living at Bexley Seabury Seminary and the Association for Episcopal Deacons, these free, live, interactive web conferences occur monthly on the second Monday at 8:00 pm ET and feature deacons sharing stories from their ministries, exploring case studies, offering peer wisdom and feedback, and exchanging mutual support. The Reverend Connie Campbell-Pearson,  Deacon & Accompanist at St. James Episcopal church, Bozman and The Venerable Roxanne Klingensmith, Archdeacon for the Diocese of Montana, join Dr. Julie Lytle, Bexley Seabury Seminary's DIrector of Distributive and Lifelong Learning, in ihosting the webinar and in dentifying deacons to share their stories.  We hope you will join us for our upcoming conversations.


You can still join us if you miss our live session! The most recent recording is available on the Pathways for Baptismal Living website here Click the He Qi image of The Road to Emmaus the  for the recording of the most recent program or look through our archive of video programs on Vimeo here. Older programs (Feb 8, 2021 abd prior) are available on the Province I website here (NOTE: Newer programs are posted asap.  Thank you for your patience.)

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