Thursday, March 3, 2022 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM MST
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Deb Roffe 
Psychic Coach Deb

On-Line Zoom Saboteur: Quieting the Voices Within Workshop 

"What was I thinking? Am I kidding myself? What makes me believe I can do that? Who am I to think I deserve that? What a dreamer I am-not living in reality at all! Really, I've got to be nuts to be thinking this is possible!"

Do any of these questions or exclamations sound familiar? If you take a moment, I'm sure you'll remember some version of each or all of them running through your mind at some point in your life-maybe even today...

Whenever we begin to consider changes, dreams, or goals-whenever we begin to envision a different future for ourselves-the voices of the saboteur will want to enter the scene. How can it not? After all, our saboteur is the part of us that wants things to remain just as they are. "It" likes the status quo. "It" is the part that wants to keep us right where we are-stuck!

But...this can only happen if we let them. The more we know about our saboteurs-the more we take time to understand where they come from and what they do to try and stop us from moving forward-the more likely it will be for us to make changes despite them and to even disengage from our saboteurs more easily.

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