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Cancellation, Substitution & Refund Policy:
You may cancel your registration and receive a full refund of your registration fee provided that your cancellation notice is emailed to Melissa Besante Dineen by midnight of Wednesday, January 19, 2022.

We're sorry, but no refunds will be given for cancellations after Wednesday, January 19, 2022. If you have any questions regarding this policy please email Amy Vigil at

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CUANM’s 2022 Governmental Affairs Conference will bring together credit union professionals from across the state to network with state lawmakers and industry experts.  

Plan now to join us for two days of leadership collaboration and educational opportunities. Sessions will look at economic, legislative, regulatory, and advocacy updates in New Mexico

Conference Agenda — Day One 

Noon — Registration | Networking Breakfast

Led by Juan E. Fernández Ceballos, CUANM’s President & CEO. 

Opening Remarks, "The Future of Advocacy From Your Association"
Led by Melia Heimbuck Esq., CUANM’s Vice President of Advocacy & Risk Management.

Session & Workshop: Measuring Impact + Why Telling Your Story Matters + Define YOUR Story 
Led by Charloette Nemec, Canopy President & CEO, and Denise Wymore, Marketing Manager for Q Cash Financial. 

Stretch Break

Session: Sharing Data Analytics to Drive Connections
Led by Emily Engstrom, CUNA Mutual Group’s Director of Client Relations. 

Stretch Break

Session: Financial Wellness Foundation Update – Taking Care of NM
Led by Melia Heimbuck Esq., CUANM’s Vice President of Advocacy & Risk Management, and Amy Vigil, CUANM's Vice President of Association Services.

Networking Reception + Service Project
Sponsored by Catalyst

Conference Agenda — Day Two

Networking Breakfast 
Sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group 

Welcome + Opening Remarks, "Effective Advocacy Requires An Understanding of Risk."
Led by Melia Heimbuck Esq., CUANM’s Vice President of Advocacy & Risk Management, and Juan E. Fernández Ceballos, CUANM’s President & CEO.

Session: Economic Update
Led by New Mexico Economic Development Department.

Stretch Break

Session: Legislative Update
Led by Jason StverakCUNA's Deputy Chief Advocacy Officer for Federal Government Affairs. 

Session: Regulatory Update
Led by Melia Heimbuck Esq., CUANM’s Vice President of Advocacy & Risk Management.

Closing Remarks
Led by Juan E. Fernández Ceballos, CUANM’s President & CEO.

Conference Ends