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 Our mission is to improve the lives of all affected by autism. By purchasing an Educators’ Membership you help support this mission and a world of benefits open up to you and your colleagues charged with the care and educating of students with autism. We are here to provide a network of live support and serve as a resource to help you support those with autism even better than you are today. We also strive to keep you informed with weekly communications and updates. Each Educators’ Membership allows you to add up to four colleagues for individualized communications, specialized opportunities and experiences. Join us today for $160 and receive these benefits:

Exclusive events and networking opportunities. We provide you an opportunity to invite the families you support to attend certain member-only events. Since 2016, the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin hosts an average of 20+ member-only or member discounted events for families. In addition we will allow you to share selected conferences and programs at a reduced rate.

Receive our Quarterly Print Newsletter, On the Spectrum in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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 Access to our Lending Library. We provide our members with a host of resources through our comprehensive library on autism. Our library features books, audio recordings, videos, DVDs, research information, conference materials, and is one of the largest autism related parent resource libraries in the state. 

Receive Our Resource Directory Bi-Annually. This comprehensive guide will serve as an invaluable tool for you to assist families looking for everything from haircuts to therapists. All contacts featured in the Resource Guide have been referred by our members.


   Receive an invitation and access to a private Educators’ Facebook group and a quarterly teacher collaboration forum where best practices, case studies and proactive solutions are shared among your peers.


Use code: PURCHASEORD if you want us to send you an Invoice/Purchase Order to be processed by your organization.