Monday, February 7, 2022 at 7:00 PM EST
Monday, March 7, 2022 at 8:00 PM EST

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Jackie Coogan, MA PTA Health Safety and Wellness Chair 
Massachusetts Parent Teacher Association 


2022 MA PTA Health, Safety and Wellness Webinar Series with Karen Gross 

We would like to thank our partner, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, for the grant that funds this series.

This two part webinar series by acclaimed Author and Speaker, Karen Gross, addresses how we, parents and educators, can work with our children and students to deal with mental health issues from trauma, anxiety, depression and fear. In addition to the educational webinar, Karen Gross, is including a complimentary copy of her book and written material in pdf format. 

Webinar Session 1 Feb. 7, 2022 Zoom Event Time: 7:00 pm. - 8:00 pm (et)

Title: How Reading Trauma Sensitive Children's Books to and with Students Helps Them Thrive
The first of two sessions (one can enroll in one or both) will focus on trauma sensitive books for younger students (Grades K -- 6).  In addition to reading a story written by Karen Gross, participants will learn the "layer-cake" approach to trauma sensitive reading. In addition to the story itself, children's books can serve as launch pads for drawing, dancing, design, dilemma solving and discourse (the 5 D's). Concrete examples will be provided and demonstrated; parents and educators can take these strategies home and use them immediately with the PDF of the book they receive upon registration.  In difficult times, reading to, with and by children takes on added significance.

Webinar Session 2 March 7, 2022 Zoom Event Time: 7:00 pm. - 8:00 pm (et)

The second session will focus on books/ poems/ stories written for older students (middle and beginning high school). Attendees will learn about a host of collateral activities that can be used to augment the power of the written word.  These include the student creation of games, songs, dances; these works also enable research and discussion between students and parents/teachers. Written words are a profound launch pad and the topics within them enable students (even for non-readers) to address their feelings, their creativity and their problem solving skills, all of which are impaired by trauma. For the disengaged older student, struggling with the continuation of the Pandemic and the ways in which it impedes their freedom, books/ poems/ stories can help us travel within our minds and with our friends.

Fee for Webinars:

You may attend one or both sessions. A single webinar is $10.00 or both for $15.00. If any PTA member feels the cost of attendance is a hardship please contact health@masspta.org for information and assistance.