The mentor program runs throughout the year. 
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Reno Charette, Project Director 

Maggie Grandon, Project Associate 

AIHEC Aseto'ne Networking Project

Health Research Mentoring Program

Become a Peer Mentor!

The Aseto'ne Networking Project is seeking peer and near-peer mentors who are willing to share their experiences and support various mentoring interactions with Aseto'ne Institute students enrolled in one of three Aseto'ne programs or TCU students who are seeking peer mentoring services only. Examples of interactions include sharing study skills, networking opportunities, and public speaking tips and tricks. Our peer/near-peer mentors play a critical role in student support services. To become a peer/near-pear mentor you must be a Native student and have an interest or experience in biomedical or behavioral health research.

Please note: First and second year medical students are considered near-peer mentors. If you are a third or fourth year medical student, please reach out to Maggie or Reno for information about applying to be a professional mentor.

Peer/near-peer mentors are paid $15/hour and are expected to complete five hours of mentoring per month.