Thursday, March 17, 2022

10:00 AM to 11:00 AM PDT

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Nevada Industry Excellence


NVIE Webinar Series:

Workplace Safety & Environmental Compliance

Presented by

Diane Hale

Best in the West Safety

Attendees will learn basic requirements to safely manage, label, segregate and store hazardous chemicals in the workplace according to EPA, OSHA and NFPA standards. 

Topics Covered:

We will focus on Propane, oils, compressed gases, corrosives and flammable liquids. 


Attendees will have an understanding of the negative impacts that improper management of chemicals can have on the company’s bottom line.

Who Should Attend:

  • Supervisor or manager responsible for the safety and health of workers
  • Any employee involved with a safety and health program in your company
  • Anyone interested in learning about the latest innovations in safety and health products and services in the workplace


Diane Hale, Best in the West Safety

Diane Hale, CEO of BIW Safety, has been a Nevada resident for over thirty years, and she takes safety to heart. She has helped businesses in construction, mining, and manufacturing develop policies, procedures and safety programs to preserve their worker's health and life. Our mission is to keep real people like you safe, so your family never hears you’ve been fatally injured on the job.

We bring you the latest in safety PPE, policies and plans to keep you at the cutting-edge of safety technology. Government regulations change at a slower pace than the environmental and safety consensus standards from trade associations; this is why we provide the latest consensus standards in all our educational courses, so you always have the best practices to keep your workers safe.