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Darcey Surette
Narrative Therapy Initiative, Inc. 

Narrative Therapy Initiative Membership Program
Help Grow Our Community and Support a Narrative Revolution

The NTI membership program helps significantly with our mission to support narrative therapists and promote the Narrative Worldview. The $50 annual membership fee is good for one year following sign-up.

NTI Membership includes the following benefits:

  • A 10% discount at the annual workshop
  • A listing as a NTI member and narrative therapist on the NTI website, if desired
  • Knowledge that a portion of your dues provides tuition assistance to NTI programs
  • Voting privileges to help shape NTI policies
  • Continued receipt of NTI newsletters and announcements
Become a Member Now!If you cannot become a member at this time, please consider making an optional donation to NTI's programs by clicking the donate button below. All donations to NTI, as well as your membership fee, are tax-deductible.