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Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 8:00 AM EST
Monday, August 22, 2022 at 11:55 PM EDT

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Jill Thurman, Office Administrator 
Greater Ellettsville Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. 

2022 Annual Award Nominations 

Nominations are due by August 15 to be considered for 2022

The Greater Ellettsville Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Annual Awards Program recognizes and celebrates the work, leadership and progress of its members and our community. Nominations will be accepted from chamber members, as well as the general public. Award recipients will be selected by the Awards Committee of the Greater Ellettsville Area Chamber of Commerce and honored at the Chamber's Annual Awards Program, scheduled for Wednesday, October 26, beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Ellettsville Christian Church Family Life Center (Invitations to the event will be sent in a separate email).


Chamber Award of Excellence : Two Awards - Small Business and Large Business: Established in 2014, the Chamber's Award of Excellence is given to a business or organization that provides an outstanding product or service in Ellettsville. The Chamber Award of Excellence recognizes a Chamber member that has demonstrated excellence in business affairs, while adding to the quality of life in the Ellettsville community.
Previous Recipients: Chicago's Pizza (2014); HealthSource of Ellettsville (2015); Bybee Stone Company (2015); Hoosier Family Eyecare (2016); Smithville (2016); The Peoples State Bank (2017); The Monroe County Public Library Ellettsville Branch and Cassady Electrical Contracors (2018) ; Northwest YMCA of Monroe County and Ellettsville Dental Center  (2019); McDonald's Ellettsville and Mad 4 My Dog (2020) ; Chandler Funeral Homes and Ellettsville Boys & Girls Club (2021)
Nomination Criteria:

  • Creativity, perseverance and innovation in creating jobs, products or services; promotes environmental awareness; and/or provides opportunities for their employees
  • Active and involved Chamber member in good standing within the past year
  • Be an established business/organization serving the Ellettsville community

Spirit of Maurice E. Endwright Award: Established in 2014, the Spirit of Maurice E. Endwright Award recognizes a person who demonstrates outstanding vision, dedication, service and leadership resulting in the well being of all our citizens.
Previous Recipients: Mary Ann Steinhagen (2014); Helen Ennis (2014); Jeana Kapczynski (2015); Chris Fisher (2016); Marty Hawk (2017); Mava Rogers (2018); Marion Jacobs (2019); Diana Choate (2020); Joe & Joyce Peden (2021)
Nomination Criteria:

  • Investment in the community
  • Dedication to seeing the Ellettsville community continue to prosper
  • Supporting or providing service to the citizens of the community
  • Providing leadership and vision to the community
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Once an individual receives the award, they are ineligible to receive it a second time. This award is established to recognize the contributions to our community of an individual over a period of time. A one-time action without continued involvement in the community would not make an individual eligible. The actions of an individual in the community should be considered a part of the individual's service and leadership to the community. 

Ellettsville Educator of the Year Award: Established in 2014, the Educator of the Year Award is  Presented to an individual or organization who has demonstrated unparalleled leadership in promoting and advancing excellence in education. This award celebrates those individuals who have done something “special” for children or the field of education. Nominees may be teachers, administrators, board of education members, or community representatives or organizations representing the same .


 Previous Recipients: Bill Buxton (2014); Mary Beth Gallagher (2015); Vicki Hardy (2016); Jill Cronin (2017); Holly Lantz (2018);  Larry & Sue DeMoss (2019); Steven Brewer (2020); Richland Bean Blossom Community School Corporation (2021)
Nomination Criteria:

  • Demonstrated record of significant and distinguished contributions to the education profession
  • Provides a lasting positive impact on student learning
  • Generates a common vision and mission for higher expectations among students, faculty and the education community
  • Serves as a role model and mentor for students and/or future generations of educators 
Holly Lantz