Promoting, supporting, and strengthening children’s earliest relationships
prenatal to age six


Heidi Maderia 
CT Association for Infant Mental Health 


March 15, 2022 at 10 a.m. EDT
June 20, 2022 at 12 p.m.  EDT

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CT-AIMH  Presents: 

Virtual Statewide Infant Mental Health Training Series           March 15 - June 20, 2022

The training provided to DCF/EHS/HS/HV staff and community partners by the Connecticut Association for Infant Mental Health (CT-AIMH) will seek to integrate information about the relationships between infant/toddlers and their caregivers in a practical way. Working towards deeper integration between DCF, EHS/HS, HV and their community partners.

The goal will be to understand more about parents and their young children who may not be well integrated into their communities, to understand their relationships, and to reflect on what that means for your work. The information will be presented from a strength-based perspective.

The CT Association for Infant Mental Health (CT-AIMH) provides this training, and the Office of Early Childhood and the Department of Children and Families are sponsors of this training and the resulting reflective consultation groups.

We ask that you plan to attend every session.  There are 6 hours of training for each topic. Each topic was divided into three (3),             2-hour sessions (over 2 days). As each of the 8 topics has three (3),    2-hour sesssions, there will be a total of 24 sessions, plus the orientation session (25 total). If something unexpected comes up, and you are unable to attend a session, we ask that you please notify the facilitators. The sessions will be offered over a 4 month time period.

Be sure to join us for a meet and greet meeting for all participants, all facilitators & all presenters! Tuesday, March 15, 2022, 10am-12noon 


Orientation: Tuesday, March 15,  2022, 10am-12noon

Meet the presenters, participants, and the facilitators, introduce yourselves, and learn about the structure of the virtual training series, including the use of the Padlet (where all materials are stored).


Topic 1:       March 29 (10am-12noon) and (1-3pm)

                    March 30 (10am-12noon)

 Anne Giordano, MA, IMH-E®

Topic: Understanding and Observing Infant-Toddler Development; Using Screening Tools to Make Appropriate Referrals; & and Collaborating with Early Child Programs to Best Support Very Young Children and their Families



Topic 2:       April 5 (10am-12noon) and (1-3pm)

                     April 6 (10am-12noon)

 Rebecca Parilla, PhD, IMH-E®

   Dana Hillman-Sabato, LPC,RPT-S, IMH-E®

Topic: Attachment, and Unresolved Trauma and Loss 



Topics 3 & 4:  April 27 (10am-12noon) and (1-3pm)

                        April 28 (10am-12noon)

                        May 4 (10am-12noon) and (1-3pm)

                        May 5 (10am-12noon)

Michele Michele Fallon LCSW, IMH-E®

 Jane Ellison, LMFT, IMH-E®

Topic: Integrating a Trauma Lens into Infant Mental Health Practice 


Topic 5:    May 24 (10am-12noon) and (1-3pm)

                  May 25 (10am-12noon)

  Heather Bonitz Moore, MS, ATR-BC, LPC,IMH-E®

  Jeanette Radawich, IMH-E®

Topic: Observing Parents/Caregivers-Child Relationships -Recognizing our own triggers and vulnerabilities, managing reactivity, and moving from reactivity to reflection -Fine-tuning observation skills using multiple video case presentations for viewing and learning



Topic 6:  May 31 (10am-12noon) and (1-3pm)

               June 1 (10am-12noon)

  Carlita Elias, PsyD, IMH-E®

Topic: Culturally Responsive Framework for working with young children and their families


Topic 7: June 22 (10am-12noon) and (1-3pm) 

               June 23 (10am-12noon) 

   Dr. Brenda Jones Harden, PhD, IMH-E®

Topic: Family Time: Promoting Parent-Child Relationships in the Context of Child Welfare Visitation



Topic 8: June 29 (10am-12noon) and (1-3pm)

               June 30 (10am-12noon

Grace Whitney, PhD, IMH-E®

    Heather Bonitz Moore, MS, ATR-BC, LPC,IMH-E®

Topics:  Reflective Practice in the Workforce, IECMH Endorsement® and Reflective Supervision/Consultation

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