Series Time and Date(s):

 11:00am to 12:30pm ET

10:00am - 11:30am CT

9:00am - 10:30am MT

8:00am - 9:30am PT


7 Wednesdays...for 7 Keys:

  • June 15th
  • July 13th
  • August 17th
  • September 14th
  • October 12th
  • November 9th
  • December 14th                          

(in North America)



 Technical Host:                                         Katie Lieberman

 Educational Coordinator:                    Rosemary Cox


New Sage-ing International sponsored series based on David Chernikoff's new book Life, Part Tw

 Seven Keys to Conscious Living,

An Online 7-Part Monthly Webinar Series

7 Wednesdays for 7 Keys

What does it mean to live fully and to love well? That’s the question we’ll explore together in this engaging webinar. Drawing on material from his recently released book, Life, Part Two: Seven Keys to Awakening with Purpose and Joy as You Age, David will share teachings on conscious aging designed to provide a foundation for this new monthly webinar series.
Choosing a vision is one of the central tasks in a consciously lived life. Why? Because our vision of who we are and why we’re here on earth acts like a North Star that gives direction to everything we say, think, and do. In this life-affirming webinar, we’ll explore, identify, and articulate the underlying vision that can energize our days and bring peace to our nights. 
  • August 17th - Awakening Intuition - more to come

Intuition is essentially a way of knowing ourselves, each other, and our world. In this webinar, we will look deeply at how to cultivate this way of knowing that becomes a creative way of being over time and helps each of us "take our seat" as a wise elder who celebrates long life experience.

  • September 14th - Committing to Inner Work - more to come

In one of his essays, the writer and activist Wendell Berry described what he called “our real work.” Conscious living requires us to look within ourselves to identity our true nature and any limiting beliefs, emotional patterns, or behavioral habits that obstruct its expression in a world that desperately needs wisdom and compassion. This webinar will be a deep inquiry into our real work, which has both a unique dimension and a universal dimension. 

  • October 12th - Suffering Effectively - more to come
Like some of you who are reading these words, I felt put off by the phrase “suffering effectively” when I first came across it. Later I realized that the phrase referred to a key understanding that, as one respected teacher put it, “There are two kinds of suffering: the suffering that leads to more suffering and the suffering that leads to the end of suffering." In this webinar, we’ll learn how to distinguish the two kinds of suffering and how our difficulties can become fruitful stepping stone on the path of spiritual maturity.
  • November 9th - Serving from the Heart  - more to come
  • December 14th - Celebrating the Journey  - more to come

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