Enhancing Workplace Climate 


August 17, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


This is an online event.


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Dissatisfaction with workplace culture is one of the foremost reasons employees leave their jobs. Ongoing global challenges such as the pandemic and “the great resignation” have exacerbated this issue on an exponential scale. This workshop addresses both leadership and employees by discussing workplace climate and its impact on liability, the role of leadership in fostering an enhanced workplace, and how employees define successful leadership in this area. Participants will come away with the essential building blocks needed to enhance their workplace from the inside out by addressing a primary consideration for all employees: workplace culture.


Linda Clark, Presenter

Linda has worked for Clear Risk Solutions since 2006. Her primary goal as an educator is to create awareness within organizations, as well as help inform individuals of their responsibility and accountability in all facets of the workplace. One of her primary areas of expertise is marketing, and her teaching philosophy is that successfully running an organization all comes down to customer service, or how you treat your “customer”. Linda’s delivery of Enhancing Workplace Climate is all about customer service, both inside and outside the organization, and her approach addresses every level of an organization – all employees have a responsibility to enhance the climate in their workplace. Linda also provides trainings on personality awareness, sexual harassment, diversity, mandatory reporting, and more.