Carolyn Dion-Motta 
R. I. Mortgage Bankers Association 

RIMBA's PAC - Political Action Committee Fundraiser

We need to have a united voice so that our message can be heard!

What Is It and Why Should I Donate?

The RIMBA PAC was formed to give RIMBA member, an easy way to consolidate their contributions to candidates for Rhode Island public office.

RIMBA’s Legislative Committee reviews hundreds of bills every year which could affect our industry in a negative or positive way. We make sure the General Assembly understands our positions on these bills that, if passed, would have a very big impact on the way you and your employer do business in Rhode Island.  By making larger contributions to political candidates, the RIMBA PAC can better assist those candidates who understand and want to address the challenges facing the industry.  

What types of Contributions can the RIMBA PAC accept? Legally, the RIMBA PAC can only take INDIVIDUAL contributions. Business contributions are NOT permitted, and corporations and other business entities may not reimburse their employees for individual contributions.

• CASH - contributions may not exceed $25

• Personal checks

• Personal credit card payments can be made in person or online.

• Payroll Deduction is available. Contact RIMBA to learn more.

Please make your personal contribution today and encourage others in the mortgage industry to do so!

If you’re working in the Rhode Island Mortgage Industry, it is because RIMBA is working for YOU!


Donate Now

By authorizing a contribution using my credit card, I certify as follows:

1.  I am an individual making a contribution to the RIMBA PAC.

2.  This is my personal contribution and I will not be reimbursed by my employer or any other person. 

3.  The credit card used for this contribution is my personal credit card and I am personally liable for payment of all charges.

 4.  My contribution, combined with all other contributions made by me to the RIMBA PAC during this calendar year, do not exceed $1,000.