Saturday, November 5, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT
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Michelle L'Esperance, Certified Professional Midwife 
Warm Welcome Birth Services 
413 858 5048 

Speedy Birth for Doulas 

Very fast births can be a whirlwind for everyone involved. Learn how to be the first person in the room to be calm and grounded when a birth is unfolding with lightning-quick intensity! Precipitous birth (active labor to birth in less than 3 hours) can happen for experienced birthers, first-timers, and during VBAC. Learn to recognize the first signs of a labor that is on the fast track; how to keep the birther centered and positive through an intense labor; the signs of when you need to get going to the planned place of birth. Also covers basic skills of how to safely catch a baby and care for a newborn in the first minutes, including proper handling of the delivery of the placenta.

This is not a scenario you plan to be in as a doula, but we all know it can and does happen sometimes- this workshop will have you prepared & calm if it does. Learn skills to help families have a safe, satisfying birth experience when the baby is coming like greased lightening! Taught by Michelle L’Esperance, Certified Professional Midwife. This workshop is open to anyone who has completed a birth doula workshop. Tuition $200.

Trained with me in the past year, or BIPOC doula? Text me at 413 858 5048 for a discount code to save $25!