Monday, August 15, 2022 from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM EDT
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Rev. Diana Friedell, Pastor, Co-Director; Rev. Story Ducey, Co-Director 
Institute for Spiritual Development 

Rev. Story Lucile Ducey

Co-Director, Faculty

Story Lucile Ducey, a seer since childhood, is an academically trained philosopher and classically trained Psychic-Medium. She is a Faculty Member of the Institute for Spiritual Development’s Intuitive Practitioner Program, and the Ministry Training Program.

Story has 35 years of experience in teaching Metaphysics  in the Metropolitan New York area. Story is a former faculty and board member of the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey, a graduate of Columbia University, and The New Seminary.


Inst. for Spiritual Development

Orientation to the Metaphysical Ministry Program 

Those who are called to service know who you are. An ordained minister at the Institute knows him or herself to be destined to serve the metaphysical and spiritual needs of others. Rev. Diana will explain the requirements of the program & what is expected of ministers and ministerial students. We find our own pathway by helping others to find theirs.

From Counseling to comparative Religion, to training in the preparation and delivery of a sermon, ISD offers a thorough training at all ISD chapters nationally to become an ordained minister with all rights, privileges & responsibilities of any minister, priest, rabbi, or any other religious designation recognized by the U.S. government. 

Presenting Valleyview School

Rev. Diana Friedell, Pastor, Co-Director, Faculty

Diana Friedell, Metaphysician, Minister, Teacher, Actress, and Director, received her advanced training in the Spiritualist tradition.  She has been doing readings & healings for twenty years. Diana is a 2004 graduate of the School for Healing and Prophecy through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY, and a graduate of SUNY Oneonta, where she studied teaching and theatre.  Diana was sanctioned as a Minister through Institute for Spiritual Development, where she currently serves as Pastor. Diana was called to this work as a result of her search for spiritual meaning after her youngest son passed away unexpectedly in 1994.  

More info: www.dianafriedell.com or find TuningInTuningUp on facebook.