Wednesday, June 1, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM EDT
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Jim Campbell 

2022 ESPC Virtual Semi-Annual (Spring) Meeting 



12:00-1:00pm EDT

 Keynote: Whats wrong with email

In this fireside chat, Pam Lord poses the question, “What’s wrong with email?” and many others to Chad S. White, long-time email marketing researcher and author of Email Marketing Rules.  He’ll lay out the changes that he sees in the industry and share which ones he thinks will stick and shape email marketing in the years ahead.

Pamela McAtee Lord, GVP, CX Consulting, Oracle  (Moderator)
Chad S. White, Head of Research, Oracle Marketing Consulting

1:00-2:00pm EDT

Session #1 Post-cookie tracking technologies and potential impacts for commercial email. 
This panel will focus on various emerging post-cookie tracking technologies, the advantages and limitations of each, and their potential impacts for commercial email. 

Joshua Koran, EVP, Data and Policy, Criteo
Katherine Wei, Principal Product Manager, Zeta Global
Ben Hayes, Chief Privacy Officer, Zeta (Moderator)

2:00-3:00pm EDT

Session #2: BIMI
We’ve been talking about BIMI as an industry for quite a while now, so what is it going to take to get the industry to adopt it on a broader scale?  Join the discussion around what the barriers to adoption are and what we should do or are doing to facilitate wider adoption.  How should the lift from BIMI be measured?  What is the net effect of BIMI on deliverability and open rates and where does it happen?  Discuss brand examples of how and why BIMI has been successful for them. 

Todd Herr, Technical Director, Standards and Ecosystem, Valimail
Marcel Becker, Senior Director of Product Management, Yahoo, Inc.
Chuck Swenberg, SVP of Strategy, Red Sift
Heather Goff, Senior Director Strategic Deliverability Consulting, Oracle (Moderator)

3:00-4:00pm EDT

Session #3: AMP for email
AMP for Email made a huge splash when it debuted, promising to bring standards-based interactivity and real-time content to inboxes.  However, in the 3 years since its official launch, adoption has been slow among both email service providers and brand marketers.  In this session, learn more about where the industry and ESPC members stand with respect to support of AMP for Email.  Our panelists will discuss what’s holding it back from broader adoption, share their predictions for the future of the standard, and more. 

Marcel Becker, Senior Director of Product Management, Yahoo, Inc.
Nicholas Einstein, VP Product Marketing & Global Head of Analyst Relations, Netcore Cloud
April Mullen, Director of Brand and Content Marketing, SparkPost
Chad S. White, Head of Research, Oracle Marketing Consulting (Moderator)

4:00-5:00pm EDT

Session #4: Email Markup or Schema

ISPs use AI to help categorize and display email in different ways. Each large ISP approaches AI slightly differently.  Gmail calls it Email Markup, Yahoo refers to the Schema standard, and Microsoft calls it Inbox Shopping.  Regardless of what you call it, there is a trend of more functionality and ways to code email now so that the most critical emails are leveled up out of the one-dimensional view of the inbox.  The inbox has evolved and senders/brands are working to make sense out of how to leverage this and sort through a more complex attribution for their email programs as a result.Panelist:

Rofaida Abdelaal, Senior Manager of Product Management, Yahoo, Inc.
Heather Goff, Senior Director Strategic Deliverability Consulting, Oracle 

5:00-6:00pm EDT

Session #5: Yahoo VTO Insights - Learn how Hickory Farms attains 100% lift in Engagement . . . and revenue!
In 2020 Yahoo announced a new delivery capability for trusted senders and brands called View Time Optimization (VTO). VTO takes the emails that consumers have subscribed to, and delivers those messages when users are actively engaging with their inbox. From launch, Validity helped bring this service to market and continues today.  Join Jen Partin from Hickory Farms who will report on their experiences and outcomes using VTO, with a marketing plan for a highly seasonal business. Greg Kimball and Guy Hanson from Validity will join to discuss broader outcomes and impacts of VTO for senders in the email ecosystem. 

Jennifer (Davis) Partin, Senior Marketing Manager, Email & SMS, Hickory Farms, LLC
Guy Hanson,
 VP, Customer Engagement (International), Validity, Inc.
Greg Kimball, SVP, Global Head of Email Solutions, Validity, Inc.

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