Jack Bryant 
Waldorf Institute of Southern California 


Monday, June 20, 2022 at 9:00 AM 
Saturday June 25, 2022 at 4:30 PM
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Ocean Charter School 
12870 Panama St
Los Angeles, CA 90066

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Waldorf Practical Arts Training Module #7 

with Jack Bryant, Mona Lewis and Terra Malmstrom

New Location! Ocean Charter School and online!

Hard Crafts:

Participants  will continue coppersmithing by making ladles and will be carving a Bas-Relief using linden wood.


Soft Crafts:

Students will be introduced to the sewing machine in connection with their main lesson studies on the Industrial Revolution. This is an important transition for the 8th grader. Independence and a sense of competence are addressed beautifully with this medium. Developing a healthy relationship with the machines and an appreciation for the beauty of them is key to creating a foundation for addressing life in the modern world. Several basic items will be made using the sewing machine, including pajama pants and pajama shirt, zipper bag and introductory item such as a pillow or a garden harvest bag. Quicker sewers may bring a project of their own  to work on as well, and we can see if it is workable for the 8th grade student. Skills covered will be hand sewing, machine sewing, pattern reading and trouble shooting on the sewing machine. 



The Anthroposophy study will be Core Principle # 7, Governance.

Jack Bryant has been the practical arts teacher and sculpting teacher at Highland Hall for 18 years.  Prior to that he was the class teacher and practical arts teacher at the Santa Fe Waldorf School, New Mexico.  He also teaches extensively at Waldorf Schools in China.

Mona Lewis was the Handwork teacher at Highland Hall for 18 years.  Previously she was an early childhood teacher at Highland Hall for 4 years. Today she is extensively hosting workshops for adults in handcrafts and natural plant dyes.

Course Fee: $650 in Person

$380 Online

Materials You Need to Get Whether You are Online or In Person. 

Materials Soft Crafts:

Please get these materials for soft crafts. If you are coming in person you need to your own bring fabric and bring as much of the supplies as you are able as we don't know exactly what the new place at Ocean Charter has available. Mona will not provide fabric. 

Basic Sewing Supplies
A Sewing Machine
Fabric Scissors
Thread Scissors
Paper Scissors
White Printer paper - 2 sheets
Hand Sewing Needles
Measuring Tape
Thimble (if desired)

Patterns Needed:
Simplicity US1563A Easy to Sew Teen's, Men's and Women's Pajama Sewing Pattern Kit, Code 1563, Sizes XS-XL

Simplicity Assorted Size Cosmetic Tote Bag Packet, Code 9310 Sewing Pattern (Zipper Bag project is optional)
Fabric needed:
Pajama Pants
3 yards Cotton Flannel (Must be cotton flannel, this is non-negotiable)
Dritz 9502W 1" Ribbed Non-Roll Elastic (Enough to go around your waist, plus 2”)
Boxer Shorts
2 Yards Cotton Flannel
1" Ribbed Non-Roll Elastic (enough to go around your waist)

Pajama Shirt
2 Yards Cotton Flannel
(The pattern calls for knit, but I use flannel. No interfacing will be used.)

Zipper Bag (possibly, we will see if we have time for this.)
Cotton Fabric -1/2 yard (left over flannel or any shirting is fine)
6” to  8” long  Zipper

For questions please contact Mona: 

Materials Hard Crafts:

For the copper needed for the ladle, you will need a piece of copper 6”x6” by 18gauge, and #4 copper ground wire 24” long. You will need a ball peen hammer, hacksaw, flat bastard file, some super-fine steel wool, and a piece of steel to use as an anvil. (Jack will have these items on hand for in person participants). 

For the bas-relief, you will need 2”x12”x16” basswood (linden), a small set of gouges and chisels, a carving knife and fine medium and rough sandpaper. If you can’t get basswood, you could use poplar.

The idea about the bas-relief is to work with a slab of wood that is easy to carve. Linden (basswood) is the best because of the softness and the wood does not have knots or splinter too easily if using sharp carving tools. Participants may find that using X-Acto  knives might work okay if you don’t have a decent set of small gouges and chisels. There are lots of choices on Amazon for x-acto knife sets.

The slab of wood should ideally be about 1 13/16” thick, 10 or 12 inches wide and 16 “ long to make a carved relief deep enough without cutting through the back side of the slab, and large enough surface to make their design. (The work is similar to the project we made in an earlier module, carving the geometric design of a clock into the face of a piece of basswood.) Jack buys his basswood from “House of Hardwoods” in West LA. If the participants want to try carving poplar, it is usually available at Lowes or Home Depot. If you want to try carving a tree-man spirit, sometimes you can find bas set of chisels and gouges like these below will be needed for the bas-relief.

Jack will have some of these available for in-person participants.

For questions please contact Jack: