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Virtual Faculty 2022

Amber Auger, RDH, MPH is a practicing dental hygienist and clinical innovations implementation specialist. She specializes in taking the latest science and creating customized protocols to meet your practice's goals. With over 15 years of experience in the dental industry, Amber provides practical protocols for technology implementation, refocuses on the patient experience and utilizes systemic approaches to Periodontal Therapy. Amber is the 2019 Award of Distinction recipient, Certified laser trainer, a monthly contributor to RDH Magazine, featured author for DentistryIQ, Editor of RDH Graduate Newsletter and host of #AskAmberRDH. Amber also provides preventive services abroad yearly and is always seeking dental professionals to join her team. Amber can be reached through emailatAmberAugerRDH@gmail.com


Cathie Collier, RDH, B.Ed. holds a bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene Education from the Fones School of Dental Hygiene and a Master’s degree from The Graduate Institute in Integrative Health and Healing. She is a national lecturer, key opinion leader and published author. Her presentations, include Occupational Health and Safety, Infection Control, HIPAA Regulations, CPR, and Medical Emergencies, Sexual Harassment and Healthcare Disparities. A member of the Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures. She holds an adjunct faculty position at The Fones School of Dental Hygiene and Goodwin University School of Dental Hygiene Cathie is a CPR/ BLS instructor affiliated with the Emergency Care Institute at Bridgeport Hospital.

Amanda Hill, BSDH, RDH likes to describe her career in dental hygiene as an adventure.  Growing up in and then marrying into the military she has had the opportunity to experience life and dentistry all over the world. Amanda had the good fortune to begin her dental career in an office where excellence was the norm. She had the chance to be stretched and challenged while traveling for courses and learning the latest in clinical care and patient communication. Thus developing a love for learning.  Through her adventures around the world, she became obsessed with finding ways to continue her education and stay current and in connection with the dental industry.  She is a speaker, consultant, and award-winning author.  Amanda's current role is as the clinical education manager for Young Innovations. Recipient of OSAP’s Emerging Infection Control Leader award, a member of the advisory board for RDH magazine, Dentistry IQ, and OSAP’s Infection Control In Practice Editorial Review Board and membership committee, Amanda strives to make topics in dentistry accurate, accessible, and fun! She can be reached at www.amandahillrdh.com and AmandaHillRDH@gmail.com

Steve Jackowicz, Ph.D. began his study of East Asia as an undergraduate at Harvard University. He then studied traditional East Asian Medicine at the Korea Modern School of Acupuncture and the Hand and Foot Acupuncture Institute in Seoul. During that time he further apprenticed in traditional physical manipulation and therapeutic breathing techniques. He then pursued a Master’s Degree at the New England School of Acupuncture. Dr. Jackowicz became fascinated with the divergence of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese medicine and studied for a Ph.D. at Boston University examining the historical evolution of East Asian Medicine. His research has taken him to China and Japan. Dr. Jackowicz has taught at Tufts University, Boston University, New England School of Acupuncture, and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He has published on East Asian Medicine, Daoism and history. He currently serves as Chair of the Doctoral Program in the Traditional Chinese Medical Department of the University of Bridgeport. He is also completing a second Ph.D. course in the Fundamental Studies Department at Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine where he is researching analytical approaches to the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon (Huangdi Neijing).

Dr. Bill Paveletz is a graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry.  Upon receiving his DMD degree he completed a one-year general practice residency at University of Pittsburgh and continued studying prosthetics at the Graduate Department of Pittsburgh Dental School.  Currently he is VOCO North America’s Clinical Educator he lectures nationally / internationally to dental retailers, dental societies, and teaching institutions. Dr. Paveletz has been published in various dental trade publications regarding temporization techniques with dental implants, treating geriatric patients and fluoridation usage in adolescents.  He has a true passion for preventative and restorative dentistry with an emphasis on biocompatibility and holistic dentistry. His hands-on workshops focus on topics ranging from dental coding and billing, hygiene, esthetic dentistry, fixed and removable prosthetics, and nano and ORMOCERŪtechnologies.


Katrina Sanders, RDH, BSDH, M.Ed, RF  a clinical dental hygienist, author and international speaker, Katrina is a vibrant, passionate and charismatic award-winning educator with a unique approach to delivering continuing dental education. Katrina is the Clinical Liaison, Hygiene Excellence and Innovation for AZPerio, the country’s largest periodontal practice. She works alongside Diplomats to the American Board of Periodontology to instruct on collaborative professionalism and standard of care protocols while delivering education through hygiene boot camps and study clubs. Known as “The Dental Resultant”, Katrina is a dental hygiene consultant focused at high-level standards, excellence and production. Katrina is the founder, CEO and keynote speaker for Sanders Board Preparatory and is a published author with RDH Magazine, Inside Dental Hygiene, Oral Health Group, Dentaltown and Today’s RDH, a columnist and advisory board member for Modern Hygienist, editorial advisory member for the Dental Academy of Continuing Education and brand ambassador for Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. Her philanthropic efforts include dental humanitarian work in developing countries, supporting abused and homeless animals and spreading awareness about the benefits of organ and tissue donation.