Instructor Contact:

Jordan Hanson 

Hand Drum Rhythms 


Royston Community Hall 
3902S Island Hwy S
Royston, BC V9N 3P5
Driving Directions 

Take your playing to the next level!

Island Drum Camp – your chance to revel in the rhythm… Three days of percussion workshops in Royston, BC.

Learn from expert World Beat instructor Jordan Hanson from the University of Victoria’s School of Music.

  • You are welcome to mix & match workshops - take as many or as few as you would like. Beginners are welcome.
  • Please bring your instrument to the workshops or pre-book an instrument for use (djembe, balafon, cajon).
Friday, June 10
  • Balafon (African Xylophone) 1-3 pm $55
  • Easy Djembe Rhythms 4:30-6 pm $45
  • SPECIAL WORKSHOP - Cumbia Rhythms 6-8 pm  $99
  • African Rhythm Ensemble (Drums & Balafon) 8-9:30 pm  $45

Saturday, June 11

  • Balafon (African Xylophone) 10 am - 12 Noon $55
  • SPECIAL WORKSHOP Latin Rhythms 1-3 pm $99
  • African Rhythm Ensemble (Drums & Balafon) 3-5 pm $55

Sunday, June 12

Island Drum Camp June 10-11-12, 2022 in Royston, BC

Please note that all registrations are non-refundable.