**ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Please contact the office directly to find out about availability for in-person classes or to register for homestudy.**


Dear parents,

Our new year of formation and prayer in community will begin very shortly and we hope you will join us! 

We are welcoming Kindergarteners to our program for the first time; we have a new Coordintor of Youth Ministry who will oversee middle and high school events; and our two new clergy joining the parish are excited to meet all of you... this is sure to be the best year yet!

ELEMENTARY children are invited once again to choose a Sunday @ 9:30-10:15; Tuesday @ 4:30-5:15; or Home/Independent Study option.  During our time together children will learn to pray and to practice the faith. They will learn the stories in the Scriptures and the lives of the Saints, and thereby, come to know the foundational elements of the Catechism

PARENTS of children K through 5th grade are expected to join us for Parent Nights once per month (most months) for formation that will feed their personal spirituality, equipping them to be primary educators for their children in things of the faith. This will be the foundation of our course of study this year. On the weeks that Parents meet, children do not. Come receive your family's "homework" at the parent night! (It is hoped that both parents will attend, though we understand that this will not be possible in all situations. In those situations, it is hoped that parents might alternate their participation.) This schedule is posted on our website and will be mailed directly to all registrants. We look forward to hosting you! 


Our MIDDLE SCHOOL ministry, EDGE, will provide a safe, fun place for youth in 6th-8th grades to find Catholic community, answers to their questions and, most importantly, to experience Jesus in a profound and personal way. Youth will gather in an environment that is relationally and spiritually appropriate for their developmental level weekly on MONDAY nights from 7:00-8:15PM in the GYM. Part of this time will be large group games and teaching, followed by small group discussion and prayer. Meghan & John Newman and a team of wonderful adults and older high school youth will once again be leading up this effort and can’t wait to meet you there!

Home/Independent study using the Faith & Life materials is also an option.


HIGH SCHOOLERS are invited to continue their formation in faith on SUNDAY nights from 6:00-8:00PM in the HALL/GYM. This time will include dinner and social time, and a variety of catechetical and life-issue related activities. This will be a great space to build meaningful relationships with adults who will support you in your mission as parents to raise faithful Catholic young men and women. It is a high priority that during these critical years our youth are exposed to the profound teachings and vibrant life of the Church. Registration will get you far more than $250 worth of dinners, plus immeasurable graces and blessings in the life of your high schooler(s). We hope you'll register them! Our new Coordinator of Youth Minister, Emma, looks forward to welcoming them!


Please note the schedule for SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION:

2nd graders who complete the appropriate preparations will receive FIRST PENANCE in January; and FIRST COMMUNION on April 22nd/29th. 

7th and 8th graders (as well as any 9th-12th grades who may have missed it in the past few years) are invited to prepare for CONFIRMATION this year, to be received March 17th/18th. These sessions will occur on Sunday nights from 7-8pm and Monday nights from 6-7pm, directly before EDGE. 

On your registration, for session, select Middle/High School respectively. This will default them into Edge or High School Youth. And then be sure to select “Confirmation” under sacrament info-- this will register them for the add-on, immediate preparation for Confirmation. **All candidates who register for Confirmation must also be registered for their normal grade level catechesis—EDGE or High School Youth. If the standard schedule does not work for them, home study is always an option.**


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

We look forward to accompanying your family this year as you grow in faith and love!

Ms. Pamela Jensen                                 Mrs. Laura Danner                          Monsignor Kevin Royal

Administrative Coordinator                     Pastoral Associate                           Pastor


PS-- PLEASE take care to click the very small "ADD" button for EACH one of the children you are registering. Without this, your registration, and payment, will be incomplete. Thanks for your patience and cooperation attending to this quirk of our platform. 

PSS-- Any child registering for a sacrament must ADD the $50 "SACRAMENT FEE" to their cart, one for any child enrolled in any sacrament. If your child is preparing for First Communion and First Penance, (1) $50 fee; if only First Communion, (1) $50 fee; if you have one child receiving Confirmation and two preparing for Communion, (3) $50 fees, one per child.

PSSS-- If you are registering multiple children, please feel free to use the CODE "MULTIPLES2" for 2 children; "MULTIPLES3" for 3 children; and so forth up to 5 children. 

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