Wednesday, September 7, 2022 at 7:00 AM EDT
Friday, September 9, 2022 at 12:00 PM EDT

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Northern VA Criminal Justice Training Academy 
45299 Research Pl
Ashburn, VA 20147

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Charles Gilbert, COO 
No-Nonsense Training Solutions, Inc.™ 

Women Leading When the Heat Is On - For Women in Public Safety - September 7-9, 2022 - Sworn & Civilian 

Hosted by: The Northern Virginia Criminial Justice Training Academy



Thank you for registering to attend the "Women Leading When the Heat is On" seminar. For the first time in history, women are stepping into leadership roles within all aspects of Public Safety. From this workshop you will receive strategies and insight that will help you keep leading effectively through the tough times.

Your Instructor:  Lisa Gilbert, CEO, No-Nonsense Training Solutions, Inc.

Coach Lisa is a renowned, professional, and engaging “no-nonsense” strategic leadership and organizational game-changer who has made a substantial impact on various major businesses.  With over 18 years’ experience strategically coaching and developing hundreds of individuals, leaders and executives in performance and career growth, she has assisted them with their most critical organizational challenges to achieve clear and measurable strategic results.  She works with various organizational entities which include: Public Safety, Government organizations, Hospitals, Hospitality, Corporate, Education, Churches and other non-profit organizations.

Because of Lisa’s sincere, no-nonsense approach and delivery style she achieves overwhelming success in training and engaging all levels of staff and management throughout the entire organization.  Many of these have expanded their scope of services to engage her for long-term assignments.    

She has been on platform to speak and train and teach before large audiences in the US and abroad. Her passion is seen and felt in every workshop and speaking engagement as she has the ability to draw the audiences in and keep them engaged throughout the training or speaking event.  Coach Lisa’s desire is to always create an experience of challenge and a call to action for those in attendance that will not be forgotten.     

The "Leading When the Heat is On" for Women in Public Safety Class - April 2022 At Broward IPS

Some testimonials about the class!

"Women Leading When the Heat is on, is one of the best training courses I have taken. Not only did I have a breakthrough, but I also learned a lot about myself and others. The course is very empowering and educational. You will go into the class one way and come out revitalized and equipped with the tools needed to excel to new heights! Coach Lisa is the real deal!!"  Bridgette Everett

" The women in leadership class was awesome. It was great to see so many women in all levels of leadership being represented. It was also empowering for those who are still climbing the leadership ladder to know that yes, women are an integral part of the public safety / emergency services community. Coach Lisa was a wonderful speaker and was able make the participants in the class feel valued and relevant to their chosen career paths. If you take nothing else from this class, know that women are a force to behold and not to be trifled with!"    Cynthia Heinrich Emergency Operations Supervisor

"Women Leading When the Heat Is On was a fantastic class! The energy Coach Lisa brought to the room was so uplifting. I learned a lot about myself. There were some laughs, tears, and a lot of love. The support, connections, and friendships we made during those few days were incredible. Thank you, Coach Lisa!"     Melissa Grace

"This was the most powerful and impactful class I have ever taken.  The material and things learned in this class were lifechanging!  I have so many take-aways that have helped me not only in my work life but in my personal life!  Coach Lisa is AMAZING!!"  Devinn S. Sands   Code Enforcement Inspector

"Have you ever questioned yourself as if you said the wrong thing? You ever wonder why people react to you a certain way? I’ve asked these questions multiple times in my life and in my career. I wouldn’t understand why until I took the class, Women Leading when the Heat is On, with Coach Lisa. Let me tell you this class changed my life. This class gave me the tools to better understand myself and understand the way people perceive me. Once you understand the person you truly are you can navigate much easier through your career and your life. Coach Lisa has given me a chance to be the best leader and person I can be.  You will know your strengths and you will understand your weaknesses and how to navigate through them to make you a better leader. Coach Lisa’s class hit home and there were many eye opening moments throughout the class. You will know your worth and you will know how to rise above and lead."    Officer B. Wohlitka