Friday, August 26, 2022 from 11:00 AM to 12:45 PM CDT
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Rachel Sullivan 
Solid Ground Counseling Center 

SAM Foundation Sponsored Mental Wellness Webinar 

Workshop Overview

Taking care of our mental health is paramount to our overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, we are not always aware of how exactly to do so. We end up dealing with the effects of unbalanced or deteriorating mental health through missed days at work, lacking motivation, and unhelpful downtime. The Mental Wellness Webinar is designed to raise awareness of how the outside world is impacting our mental health. Throughout the webinar we discuss what stress is, how to recognize and be more mindful of its effects, identify and develop a beneficial self-care routine, and learn what coping skills are and how to effectively implement them. At the end of the webinar participants should have a greater understanding of why taking care of our mental health is important and should be able to apply the learned strategies to create a healthier mental state.

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During this webinar we define what stress is, how it affects us, and why it is important to manage stress on an ongoing basis. We do this through real-time exercises that target individual experiences with stress so there is a helpful awareness of what stress looks like in your unique system. This combination of awareness and resources equip the participant with some basic skills to handle the life events that come our way.


Mindfulness, or self-awareness is the practice of slowing down to take an inventory of how the world is affecting us. We build on what we learned about stress to help participants see the practicality and benefit of effective mindfulness. Suggested & guided exercises in this section help participants understand the benefit of practicing proactive mindfulness, and raises awareness to the valuable insight it provides into how we need to care for ourselves.


Self-care has been talked about a lot in recent years – but this webinar is intended to give you new perspective on the topic. Self-care is a necessary part of staying refueled to stay well. Unfortunately, we often engage in activities that are not as helpful as they could be. In this webinar we help participants understand how personal self-care is, identify how much self-care they need to be doing, and discuss the importance of making this an ongoing part of your routine.


Coping describes the reactive responses we use to deal with life’s stressors. Often the way we cope is not beneficial for us and ends up causing additional problems in the short and long-term. This part of the webinar helps to identify what coping is, how it plays a role in our mental health journey, and how we can work to ensure our coping skills are working us forward versus providing a temporary band aid on the situation.