Wednesday, June 29, 2022 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT
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Jim Brommers Bergquist has spent his career working with young adults and families in all parts of the country, serving as college chaplain, youth minister, wellness center coordinator, and middle school educator. His passion is equipping young people with skills and assets to step into - and through - the mental health and wellness challenges they will encounter along their way. He and his wife currently live in Santa Barbara and have two daughters (21 and 18). While Jim continues to develop an organization to support young adults in their development and college/career choices, he works as a home remodel consultant and builder in Santa Barbara.


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Empowering Young People with Tools to Navigate a Complex World

Facilitated by Jim Brommers Bergquist


Are you a parent or grandparent (or friend/mentor/teacher to someone young)? Is it challenging to help the young people in your life navigate the challenges of today's complex world?

Being a pre-teen, adolescent, or young adult has never been easy - and the multitude of phenomena currently facing our children only makes these years harder. Depression and anxiety are on the rise, and we often feel lost in how to be of help.

This workshop will explore best practices in wellness, resilience, self-reliance, decision-making, empathy, creative thinking, and more. With storytelling, video, personal reflection, and a little John Steinbeck, there will be something for everyone.