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Learn about the different features of Piso WiFi, including 10.0 0.1 Piso wiWasilaTech Event 

Use Piso WiFi pause time feature to pause the WiFi so your kids can’t use it when you’re not around, and then resume it when you need to use it again while you’re out or at work. Similarly, the logout feature will log out of all accounts when it’s used so no one can log into your account without your password, even if they know your login details.

What is Piso? is a clean, family-friendly chat app for children (ages 5 to 15) that provides its users with WiFi from home. In Spanish, piso means floor or level—users can think of piso as another floor in their house where they can safely connect with friends and family members who are also connected to piso: your mama on floor 1; tu hermanito on floor 2; tu abuelita on floor 3; etc.

How does 10.0 0.1 Piso wifi vendo pause time work?

  All they have to do is tap on it, and then tap pause once more when they’re ready to resume watching or listening.

Can I pause my child's account from my mobile device?

All you have to do is open up their profile on your tablet or mobile device, tap 10.0 0.1 piso wifi vendo pause time button under Parental Controls, select how long you'd like them off (from 15 minutes up to four hours), then confirm by entering your password—10 seconds later it'll turn green, signaling that they're now offline.

How can I reset my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password for Piso wifi pause time: go to login > forgot password > enter your e-mail address > press Send E-mail. which will be directed by a link to change your password. Open it in any browser and follow instructions to set a new one!.

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