Please fill out an application and email to or bring with you to your event.

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Shared Harvest Foodbank 
5901 Dixie Highway
Fairfield, OH 45014

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Trisha Unwin 
Shared Harvest Foodbank 
513-874-0114 ext. 105 

July 2022 Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Shared Harvest Foodbank and helping us battle hunger right here at home.

We have several different ways you can engage as a volunteer. There are four standard projects and a variety of special projects throughout the year. When you sign up for a volunteer opportunity, you will be paired with other individual volunteers like you! What you will be doing that day will be based on the Foodbank needs. Each activity is generally 2-3 hours long.

If you have questions or require a confirmation of volunteer hours, we can help with that. Email for more information.


Commodity Supplemental Food Program

This program helps our older population live healthier, independent lives by providing a dependable source of nutritious food, providing their bodies with the fuel it needs to be less prone to common illnesses which often requires a much more expensive medical intervention. Your role would be to help build the boxes and/or pack them with product based on a monthly prescribed menu. This works much like an assembly line with each person assigned a task or two. 

Evaluate, Sort & Repack Various Sources of Donated Product

Almost daily, Shared Harvest employees are visiting local retailors to rescue perishable food items such as fresh meat that is still safe to consume but cannot be sold in the stores. Additionally, we will receive frequent donations from national donors such as Nabisco and Kellogg, where the product is a hodgepodge of items. Your role is to evaluate the donated product, sort out any that is not safe for consumption, and pack into boxes for easier distribution to local hunger relief charities.

Weekly Distributions

Every Friday afternoon from 12:30-3:00 we distribute food here at Shared Harvest Foodbank. This is an outdoor event, rain or shine so dress accordingly! We will load vehichles with food in a drive thru distribution line. 

We also have distributions in Hamilton and Middletown to distribute our senior boxes. If you can help with that, please sign up for one of those opportunities. 

2250 Dixie Highway (Jays Clearance Parking Lot)
Hamilton, OH 45011

55 S Broad St (Middletown Transit Station)
Middletown, OH 45044


Backpack Program (currently suspended)

This program provides weekend bags of food for children living in severe food insecure homes. Your role would be to help pack bags based on a rotating 4-week menu and/or packed completed bags into boxes for distribution.

If this sounds like something you are interested in doing, please be sure to complete an application. You can email that back to me or return it when you come to your first project. Once we have the completed application, you will begin receiving our volunteer schedule about mid-month before the month we are in the process of scheduling.




If you are registering your group or more than 5 people, please do not register here.