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Thursday, August 18th, 2022 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM EDT

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Judy Lynn 
Institute for Spiritual Development


Judy Lynn, ISD sanctioned Psychic Medium and Faculty 

International Psychic Evidential Medium and Teacher, Co-founder & Education Director at the Spiritual Oasis Universal Learning Center. 

Judy Lynn, Judy is also a founding member of the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta where she is an authorized Psychic Medium, Certified Healer and Teacher.

In addition to that, Judy is a member of the Spiritualist National Union where she continues her growth and development along with other National and International Teachers.

Judy's readings are evidential and offer you a lighthearted organic approach to the spirit world where you will gain understanding and message's that will bring you strength and healing.

For more info on Judy, visit her website at:


Evidential Mediumship - Part II

Evidence! Evidence! Evidence!

Continue developing & practicing your spirit communication skills with ISD Psychic Medium Judy Lynn, in Pt. 2 of this awesome series.
Spirit communication is important because it proves that life continues after our physical body dies. For both your personal use or professional development. All levels welcome!

Special Summer Introductory Rate $25/$20 for ISD Members.  Click on any Registration Button on this page.

What is Evidential Mediumship anyway?
What is going direct or gallery/platform style readings? 
I'll talk about the content of a reading, like giving a physical description, personality, how did  the spirit communicator pass, etc. 
We'll discuss the construction of communication through our clair senses and the proper wording for each.
You'll Learn structure and how to format a reading. We'll discuss Mind journeys and touch on Symbology and why both are important.
Learn how to communicate using positive statements instead of questions and to trust in the spirit world and what you are receiving is true.
We will practice in a gallery style, no breakout rooms. You will have the chance to practice, giving 6 to 8 pieces of information and then getting that information validated with a simple Yes, No or IDK.


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" We affirm the personal responsibility of the individual, and that we choose our happiness or unhappiness as we apply the Laws of the Universe. "

About the Mediumship Summer School Series. . .

This is an 8 week ZOOM Series
WHEN: Thursdays from 5:30-7:00
DATES:  July 7th - August 25th.

Meet the teachers from the Institute for Spiritual Development.

Enjoy small group study with five fabulous evidential Mediums from the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta, NY:  Story Ducey, Diana Friedell, Renee Ranke, Judy Lynn, Christine Springle. Each has her own style and expertise.

Come practice and enjoy discussions with like-minded souls Learn new techniques and Practice, Practice, Practice!

Open to All Levels of experience.

Register for any or all classes that call to you.

This is a survey course of mediumship, introducing you to a variety of techniques and teachers who will be offering full courses in the Fall, and Winter semesters.

ISD offers both continuing education and professional studies in the Intuitive Arts.

Some students study mediumship because they are grieving and seek evidence of life after life for their loved ones --- or they have experienced spiritual contact from their loved ones and want to learn more.

Other students, having learned communication can be ongoing, study mediumship in order to become spiritual grief counselors themselves.

Some relationships can be healed. 
Some relationships can be carefully laid aside. Some relationships become ongoing, growing as souls move through death’s transition back to spirit together.

Some students want to master communication with pets, others seek to practice receiving communication with multiple ancestors, still other students seek evidence of communication with teachers on the ‘other side.’

We will also focus each week on different Principles from The Institute for Spiritual Development

Click Here to View ISD's Declaration of Principles )

Whatever your reason for studying mediumship, These are Sacred Dialogues ---   Join us!

*** The readings practiced in this Summer Series counts towards completing requirements for the Intuitive Practitioner Program at ISD.