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Thursday, August  25th, 2022 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM EDT

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This is an online event. 

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Story Ducey 
Institute for Spiritual Development 

Rev. Story Lucile Ducey  

Co-Director Faculty, Adult Education

Classically trained Psychic Medium and long time teacher of interdisciplinary courses in Comparative Religion, Esoteric Judiasm & Christianity and ‘The Art & Science of Intuitive Development for Seers and Scientists.’

She lectures on the teachings of Edgar Cayce and Alice Bailey.

Story has an Intuitive Counseling Practice and teaches in both Otsego County and the Metropolitan area.

Story is a former faculty and board member of the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey; a Graduate of Columbia University and The New Seminary.

Her teachers include Jean Munzer, Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, and  Rev. Janet Nohaveck.

She has worked as a Pastoral Counselor and Officiant in Christian and Interfaith ministry for 25 years.

 Oracle Mediumship
Prophecies & Messaging

with Story Lucille Ducey

In this last class of the Mediumship Summer Series, Story Ducey, 20 year Psychic Medium & ISD Co-Director discusses becoming messengers, or prophets for like-minded souls on the “Other Side”or in other dimensions, who are offering their wisdom to help us through this lifetime.  Continuing practice with a regular group enhances our psychic senses.

What is covered in this ZOOM class?

Sacred Community. Sacred Service. 
Becoming Messengers, Prophets, for the ‘Other Side’.
How to ‘build’ an Oracle.
Practicing Group Messaging.
Developing a Group or Circle of likeminded souls to experiment with sitting together on a regular basis to develop their innate psychic senses.
Then to practice ‘Sitting’ to receive messaging from like minded Souls on the ‘Other Side, or in modern lingo, residing in other dimensions and interested in helping, guiding and facilitating communication between themselves, and those in incarnation.

Experimental levels of Spirit Communication, Group Work sitting together in prayer and meditation to receive guidance from loved ones or teachers on ‘the other side.’

Working with group messages received --- in symbol, word, inner vision or even song --- are shared and the discovery of common themes.  Always a message unfolds from Group work and often we are given ‘homework’ or ‘Prophecies’ directions, guidance on personal or communal concerns. Oracle work is primarily concerned with the receiving of instruction, guidance, for the community.

Calling Cards: We also look for signs of who in the Spirit plane may be communicating to the Group. We ask for ‘Calling Cards’ symbols to represent teachers present. Directional or experiential Cues: symbols or verifiable, repetitive meditative experiences that help to denote the level of Spirit Consciousness we are in Co-munion with…


We accept that the living gifts of Prophecy and Healing, reported in all Sacred Scripture, are an affirmation of Divine Spirit working through us.

About the Mediumship Summer School Series. . .

This is an 8 week ZOOM Series
WHEN: Thursdays from 5:30-7:00
DATES:  July 7th - August 25th.

Meet the teachers from the Institute for Spiritual Development.

Enjoy small group study with five fabulous evidential Mediums from the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta, NY:  Story Ducey, Diana Friedell, Renee Ranke, Judy Lynn, Christine Springle.

Each has her own style and expertise.

Come practice and enjoy discussions with like minded souls Learn new techniques and Practice, Practice, Practice!

Open to All Levels of experience.

Register for any or all classes that call to you.

This is is a survey course of mediumship, introducing you to a variety of techniques and teachers who will be offering full courses in the Fall, and Winter semesters.

ISD offers both continuing education and professional studies in the Intuitive Arts.

Some students study mediumship because they are grieving and seek evidence of life after life for their loved ones --- or they have experienced spiritual contact from their loved ones and want to learn more.

Other students, having learned communication can be ongoing, study mediumship in order to become spiritual grief counselors themselves.

Some relationships can be healed. 
Some relationships can be carefully laid aside. Some relationships become ongoing, growing as souls move through death’s transition back to spirit together.

Some students want to master communication with pets, others seek to practice receiving communication with multiple ancestors, still other students seek evidence of communicationwith teachers on the ‘other side.’

The first class will begin with a faculty and student panel discussions.

We will also focus each week on different Principles from The Institute for Spiritual Development

( Click Here to View ISD's Declaration of Principles )

Whatever your reason for studying mediumship, These are Sacred Dialogues ---   Join us!

*** The readings practiced in this Summer Series counts towards completing ISD's Intuitive Practitioner Program.