CDA 2 RUCKER-Every Tuesday Sept. 6, 2022 thru May 23 AND 2 Saturdays


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Rose Snyder
Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children
717-635-9026 ext. 300


This project is supported by the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) of Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services (DHS) and Pennsylvania’s Department of Education (PDE). For more information, visit dhs.pa.gov and education.pa.gov.


Funding for this course is provided by Early Childhood Education Professional Development Organization at the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education


Registration is pending student qualification and approval by the ECE PDO@PASSHE. All students must reside in PA and work for a PA licensed child care program located with in the ECE PDO@PASSHE Service Area

Complete the PASSHE PDO Student Application

Due to fundng restriction we are unable to accept students from the following counties:

Montogmery, Chester, Philadelphia and Delaware

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CDA2– Tuesday evenings 6:30-9:30 with two Saturdays 9:00-3:30              Instructor: Karen Rucker

 Start date: Tues, Sept 6 through Tues, May 23

  • Two Saturdays – Feb 18 and Apr 1
  • No class on the following Tuesdays: Dec 27, Feb 14

Course instructor Karen Rucker offer her students expertise and experience on the journey through the 120 clock hours of classroom instruction, portfolio development, application and follow up support in the preparation for a verification visit by the Council for Professional Recognition.

**It is important to note this this class does not award the CDA or college credits, it provides the necessary classroom instruction and prepares the student for the verification visit by the CDA council.

Program Overview:                                                                                     The CDA Credential program includes 120 clock hours of classroom instruction to prepare the student seeking** the CDA in eight key knowledge areas of early care and education. The key areas are defined by the CDA Council for ages infants through preschool; including:

1)      planning a safe, healthy learning environment

2)      advancing children’s physical and intellectual development

3)      supporting children’s social and emotional development

4)      building productive relationships with families

5)       managing an effective program

6)       maintaining a commitment to professionalism

7)       observing and recording children’s behavior; and

8)       understanding the principles of child development and learning.

Coursework includes a foundation in child development theory and practical application of developmentally-appropriate practices.

PennAEYC CDA Credential Instruction Course. This course offers 120 hours of classroom instruction to prepare the student seeking** the CDA Credential offered from the National Council for Professional Recognition. Class dates are listed above. PennAEYC is pleased to offer a partnership with Harrisburg Community College (HACC) to award six(6) credits for the PennAEYC CDA Course when a student enrolls in the HACC Early Childhood Education Program following the CDA completion.