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5th Annual Kindness Week -- 2022 

SPARK Kindness is celebrating the fith annual Kindness Week from November 12 - 18!

Kindness has never been more important and Kindness Week is a time to shine a spotlight on the good that happens every day in our communities, and to inspire people to SPARK Kindness through simple but powerful actions. We invite community members, organizations, and businesses to all come together to help us celebrate this week and beyond! 

Members of the SPARK team will be on the Common at the Farmers Market on November 5th to share information for Kindness Week which begins on November 12, which is also World Kindness Day! We invite everyone to join us as we share free resources, activities, and inspirations. 

Check back for more info as we get closer to November! Feel free to visit out last year's Kindness Week Flyer HERE!


Kindness Week Traditions
Look for these community favorites to return!

Kindness Connects Us! – Look for our Kindness Connects Us seal at local businesses and community offices. How many can you find? Do you have a business or location for a Kindness Connects Us seal? Please let us know (email We’re happy to send one to you and/or you can download a seal HERE. We know kindness isn’t just about one day or moment, rather something we practice all year long. The message centers us in our interactions with ourselves (because we know, kindness start with being kind to yourself!) and in community – the places we live, work, learn and play.

Bethany Shaw illustrator artist designer – Artist Statement: This design is inspired by Kindness Week and our vision to celebrate a connected community. The individual dots represent each authentic member of our community and when we put all the dots together we create a beautiful shape that does not exist without the representation of many. This logo recognizes that we are all unique members of a connected community, and when we as individuals overlap in between the two hearts, we influence and enhance each other to create something new and beautiful.

Kindness Connects Us is all over town! – Download your own copy of our Kindness Connects Us coloring sheet HEREWrite or draw in the hearts how you showed kindness, saw kindess or received kindness. Take a pic of your finished art to shre with us @SPARKKIND and tag #KindnessConnectsUs, or bring your artwork back to our partners locations for the whole community to enjoy! 

FLAG - Free Little Art Gallery – Share your own kindness inspired small art projects in Natick's First FLAG, located outside the entrance to the Morse Institute Library. Help SPARK fill the FLAG during Kindness Week by making, and encouraging others to make, small works of art in any medium (drawing, clay, poetry, photography, beading, etc.), inspired by kindness, love, connection, community.  The FLAG - Make Art, Leave Art, Take Art -  brings joy and purpose to the maker and receiver! Check out the FLAG facebook page HERE to learn more!

Random Acts of Kindness –  Share the ways you have connected through kindness -  as the giver, the receiver and the observer of kindness all around you. Email your photos or written story or inspiration to and/ or tag us on social media #KindnessConnectsUs #SPARKKindnessNatick #SPARKKindnessWeek

Follow SPARK Kindness – Look out for SPARK newsletters and videos with inspirational messages and ideas about the 7 Pillars of Kindness every day during Kindness Week (and all year long!) - You can follow us on Facebook @SPARKKIND and SPARK Kindness + Positive News @ and on Instagram @

Update your Facebook profile pic using the Kindness Connects Us frame – Link HERE! You can find the frame by clicking on your profile, then selecting update profile pic, then selecting add frame, then searching for "Kindness Connects Us".

Wearing and Sharing Kindness – Check out CauseTeam, and their unique SPARK Kindness inspired wearable art and more – great gifts for you, or someone in your life! 40% of each purchase made through the SPARK page supports our free and accessible programs and resources!

Kindness Week Special Programs….

Check back for more info closer to Kindness Week!

Be a Kindness Detective (download your Kindness Detective sheet HERE and HERE or pick up a special kit at the Farmers' Market on Saturday!)
See the good - Start simple: look for kindness around you!
Be the good - Commit random acts of kindness!
Receive the good - Give the gift of allowing someone to help you!
And, help us collect items for the Little Free Food Pantry, located at the Common Street Spiritual Center/Natick Common. Check HERE for a list of items most needed by our neighbors. 

Mindfulness + Meditation: Here is one of our team's favorite FREE meditation apps, Insight Timer - Also check out guided mindfulness recordings from Christine Guthery and Laura McCarthy of SPARK Kindness! And a special meditation offered by one of SPARK's recent Resilient Community speakers, Sebene Selassie!

  • Being Kinder To Yourself with Greater Good Science Center ...Put your hands over your heart and say, "May I be kind to myself. May I learn to accept myself as I am."