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Ways to Talk to Children

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A Way of Being with Children: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Building Resilience

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In the Aftermath of a School Shooting: Ways to Help Children Cope 

Trying to make sense of the horror that is a school shooting feels difficult to comprehend or put into words.

Attempting to explain it to young children and provide the assurances that they need, seems overwhelming and challenging. Moreover, how can you explain such a horrific event to your children and provide them with the reassurances and support that they need, when you are having a difficult time understanding and making sense of the event yourself?

 Take this 65 minute workshop to learn how to cope and address this topic with children.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Reasons for and how to initiate conversations with children about school shootings.
  • Helping children process the information and cope.
  • Managing our own worries and fears as parents/caregivers

This 65-minute workshop is FREE. Visit for more free workshops for parents and caregivers.