The 3rd Thursday of every month beginning:

Thursday, September 15th through June 15th

4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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This is an on-line event via Zoom



Wendy Curnow
Sibship Club Facilitator                                         

NH Family Ties 

Community Bridges New Hampshire

603-226-3212 x241


Meet up with other brothers and sisters!

Meetings: Monthly for Drop-In or Active Members

Ages: 8-13 (Age flexibility - please let us know if you have a child older or younger who may be interested in attending!) *

Please be sure your child is able navigate Zoom independently 

"Nothing about us, without us"

Self-determination after all, is for everyone - including brothers and sisters!

During the Sibshop Club meetings we will provide brothers and sisters of siblings with a disability or special health care need an opportunity to:

  • Meet other siblings in a relaxed, recreational setting
  • Discuss common joys and concerns with other siblings
  • Learn how others handle situations commonly experienced by siblings
  • Learn more about their involvements in their sibling's life
  • Will also provide parents and professionals with opportunities to learn more about the concerns and opportunities frequenly experienced by brothers and sister of people with disabilities and special health care needs. 

Fun activities: (vary each meeting)

  • Introductions - We incorporate creative ways introduce themselves and their sibling at the beginning of every session 
  • Feelings on a Screen - Everyone has the opportunity to share how they are feeling and why. 
  • Educational - Each meeting we learn about a disability or a special health care need and have Q & A time.
  • Move and Groove - We take a little time to exericse the mind, body and soul.
  • Time Capsules - Kids get to talk about various times in their lives (a time when I was really proud of my sibling, I time I was really embarrassed by my sibling, a time my sibling helped me... etc)
  • A visit from Aunt Blabby - a blogger who reads posts from bothers and sisters about questions they have and the group finds answers together.
  • We have guest speakers who attend throughout the year and we may be visiting a few places!

The BEST part of attending... your child is able to talk to other kids, who are experiencing the same or similar situations with their sib. They get to know one another, share their experiences and learn what networking and the sharing of information is all about!

It's pretty empowering!  ...just as it is for a parent or care-giver talking to someone who "gets it". 

More Information

* We offer a Junior Leadership Role for older brothers and sisters who would like to attend. (14+)

If you know of someone who would be interested in facilitating or co-facilitating a Sibshop in your area, please have them contact us! We're happy to help them get started.