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Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at 11:55 PM EST

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The 8 videos were recorded during our 12-Hour Virtual Workshop which ran from July 10th - July 23rd, 2022.

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Himalayan Yoga Tradition Teacher Training Program
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HYT-TTP Video Only Workshop - Summer 2022

Deepening Mantra Sadhana 

Virtual Workshop:

The 12-hour Workshop is designed for all HYT-TTP Students, Graduates and Mentors, as well as any current Yoga Teachers or serious practitioners.  We will provide Yoga Alliance CEUs for all sessions.

Each video recording is an approximately 1.5-hour session, including live Q&As. 

If you would like more details about our faculty and the sessions, go HERE to view our website and click "'Meet the Faculty" and "Weekly Highlights."  

List of Recorded Sessions:

1. Opening/The Process of Initiation - Swami Ritavan Bharati with Adhikari Bhoi

 2. The Six Treasures: Shama, Dama, Uparati, Titiksha, Shraddha, Samadhana - Carol & Charles Crenshaw

3. The Four Right Attitudes - John Sellinger
4. Purusha Pariksha - Personality and Initiation - Swami Radha Bharati

5. Power and Practice of the Mantra - Swami Ritavan Bharati

6. Malas: Type and Usage - Rabindra Sahu

7. Spanda and Levels of Initiation (Anava, Shakta, Shambhava) - Pt. Stephen “Stoma” Parker

8. Questions and Answers/Closing - All Faculty

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