Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at 7:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, November 2, 2022 at 10:00 PM EDT

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This is a virtual event

National Prayer Assembly

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The 2022 National Prayer Assembly for a Great Awakening of the First Nations and America

Tuesday, November 1, 7-10 pm ET (4-7 PT, 5-8 MT, 6-9 CT)

Wednesday, November 2, 7-10 pm ET (4-7 PT, 5-8 MT, 6-9 CT)

Here is the link for all the NPA sessions on both Nov. 1 and 2 (please do not forward this to others who need to each register themselves)


Meeting ID: 819 5728 4208

Passcode: 6913



We are excited to let you know that the NPA will now be online so many more can take part across the country and internationally! However, please register ASAP because there is still some limitation for the online space.

We are in a battle for the future of America!  At the same time, the Lord is moving His people as never before to unite in prayer across our nation, especially among its first inhabitants, the Native peoples. They are rising in revival to become spiritual gatekeepers for the land we share!

In 1975, Billy Graham foresaw a day when the “sleeping giant” of Native American brothers and sisters in Christ would rise up as a spiritual superpower to help bring revival to our nation and world. There is a touch of revival already happening among the Navajo (Dine) and some stirring among other tribes as well. (Click here to watch this 3 minute video to get a glimpse and to hear their desire to provide leadership towards the coming Great Awakening. Click here to watch this longer and more in-depth video, entitled Awakened. It is worth every minute.)

This coming National Prayer Assembly will be held online for two three-hour sessions, one on each day, Nov. 1 and 2. It will be especially significant since great people of God, both Native and non-Native, will join forces to give wise, informed overviews of what they see happening and to facilitate times of united, breakthrough prayer. Some of them are:

  •       Dr. Negiel Bigpond, Native national pastor, author, and evangelist
  •       Ambassador Sam Brownback, former ambassador for religious freedom as well as governor and senator from Kansas
  •       Myron Lizer, Vice President of the Navajo (Dine) Nation
  •       Bishop Doug Small, Prayer at the Heart visionary leader
  •       Kay Horner, Executive Director, Helper Connection/Awakening America Alliance
  •       Dave Kubal, President of Intercessors for America
  •       Mable Herrera, reconciliation and healing of tribes ministry and TV host (New Mexico)
  •       Pastor Rickie Bradshaw, Director of Prayer at KSBJ Educational Foundation
  •       Pastor Averill "Ace" Cayatineto, U.S. Native Apology coordinator
  •       Timmerle Kelly, Executive Director at Generals International

Two great worship teams, one led by award-winning Native American singer Richelle Darby Garcia and the other by Terry and Barbi Franklin of Worship City, will help usher us into His glorious presence. Children and youth with the Fox Family will also be on hand to lead us in intergenerational prayer.

During the gathering, we will have Zoom breakout rooms to pray in small groups over each issue presented as well as an open chat to give opportunity to everyone with a word or impression to share as we let the Lord of the Universe be our CEO and speak through members of His Body. We would especially love to hear what is on your heart as to how we should pray for America and for our First Nations.

Therefore, please join us online for these two sessions on November 1 and 2 and extend this invitation to others, both Native and non-Native, you think should take part. We would be honored to see you for an awesome time in the presence of the Lord and to have your help in getting this invitation out to others.

You can register for free by clicking here so we can send you the link for both NPA online sessions closer to the actual time. Make sure to register now since we want to make sure to have enough online space for everyone. 

Schedule outline:

November 1-2, 2022, 7-10 pm ET (4-7 PT, 5-8 MT, 6-9 CT)

Key verses- 2 Chron. 7:14, Matt. 18:18-20, Luke 10:17-21 and John 11:40

Tuesday, November 1 

Theme: Reconciliation and Revival of America and its First Nations

7:00 pm ET Welcome and opening with worship

Session 1- Repentance and reconciliation between ethnic groups, tribes, and churches. Identifying and confessing the sins of America. Prayer time in breakouts and/or all together.

Session 2 and 3- Spiritual mapping findings- bloodguilt, idolatry, immorality, and broken covenants that have defiled the land. Corruption, occultism, bondages needing to be broken with prayers of agreement for His liberation

Session 4 and 5- Praying for the revival and awakening of America

Wednesday, November 2

Theme: Healing and Deliverance of America for its Future Welfare

7:00 ET Welcome and opening with worship

Session 6- Current issues for America- social and cultural, government, mid-term elections, and/or educational system

Session 7- Praying healing and deliverance over the land of America and status of the Native Apology

Session 8- Threats within and without: America’s national security and future welfare

Session 9- Youth and children leading in prayer for the issues of our nation

Concluding remarks and worship in song- “As One We Stand” with video flight over the USA

We warmly welcome you to be with us!

Every blessing in Christ,

 NPA Planning Team (both Native and non-Native prayer, church, and worship ministry leaders across the USA)

Negiel Bigpond                          Mabel Herrera

Ivan and Linda Doxtator            Ace Cayatineto

Dave Kubal                                Kay Horner

Dallas Eggemayer                     Terry and Barbi Franklin

Rickie Bradshaw                       Ray Garcia

Martha Schmitt                          Teri Clah

John Robb