Program runs on Thursdays from November 3rd to December 15th (excluding Thanksgiving)

10-14u: 5:00-6:00PM

15-18u: 6:00-7:00PM


Quarry Fieldhouse-Romeoville 
535 Anderson Dr.
Romeoville, IL 60466

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Baseball Institute 
Baseball Institute 

Velocity and Arm Care Program Nov/Dec 2022


What Will We Be Doing During Our Long Toss Classes?

Each session will be a 60 minute class designed to help position players and pitchers improve arm strength, increase throwing velocity, improve durability, mechanics and add confidence. Activities include: dynamic warm-up, band work, wrist weight deceleration holds, plyocare routine, throwing progression, weighted ball routine, testing with a radar gun & recovery work. 

Equipment Used: Hip mobility mini band, foam roller, sand filled weighted balls, 3oz-7oz baseballs, Valeo 5lb wrist bands, J-bands, Lacrosse ball, 6-10lb medicine ball, various other strength and stretching equipment

Due to increased demand spots are limited! 


Classes will be held once per week at the QUARRY Fieldhouse in Romeoville from November 3rd through December 15th


10U-14U Thursdays from 5:00-6:00PM

15U-18U Thursdays from 6:00-7:00PM

(Excludes Thanksgiving Day)


*Please note there are no refunds or cancellations policies if an athlete cannot make all sessions that they signed up for. Registration will be limited so that all athletes can receive the maximum benefit from the clinic.