Saturday, October 22, 2022
9:00 AM to 12:30 PM

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Kimberly Cortner 
Daughters of the King Los Angeles 


Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles
Daughters of the King


Fall Assembly 2022
Listening as Sacred Art
and Spiritual Practice

featuring Kay Lindahl
founder of The Listening Center

“The cultural and religious diversity of our communities calls for a way of listening that transcends words and belief systems. Learning to truly listen to one another is the beginning of new understanding and compassion, which deepens and broadens our sense of community.” 

—Kay Lindahl 


According to St. John of the Cross, listening is God’s first language. But just how fluent are we in the language of listening? In this fast-paced culture, speaking has become our first lan­guage. We spend hours preparing to speak but little time preparing to listen.

At this Fall's Diocesan Assembly, Kay Lindahl, founder of The Listening Center, will draw our focus to the power of listening as a sacred art—the art of becoming a listening presence.

She will help us understand this as way of being in which stillness and attentiveness provide the space for people to speak authentically and know they are being heard. It is from this place that we can listen across diverse backgrounds, cultures, and belief systems. 

Once we experience listening as a sacred art and a spiritual practice we find that it transforms all of our relationships, nurtures our inner voices, and inspires our spiritual growth.

Join us on Saturday, October 22 from 9 am to noon for our Fall Assembly on Zoom as we explore the sacred nature of listening and engage in some spiritual practices that support becoming a listening presence.


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